Capricorn new moon, inspiring articles, raw milk & CFL updates, Abraham and more!

I will be away visiting friends and family, so I probably won’t be doing any posting for the next few days, but wanted to wish everyone an inspired and inspiring holiday season and pass along these tips…
# 1 – Here’s a sweet message from The Children of the Sun Foundation. You may want to check out their site…
Blessed Holidays, dearest Light Transmitters and GEO Teams!
We have entered into the Holy Days, the most special time of the year when our Sun dances in alignment with the center of the Milky Way galaxy and, as they make love, divine codes of love-light are birthed throughout our solar system.  This month’s new moon, paired with such a powerful Solstice, reflects upon us the purity of our Father’s Divine Love.
As our dear Earth enters into the moments of stillpoint, where day and night curtsy and do-si-do, all humanity may feel the vibration of unconditional love quite profoundly.  As light servers, when our hearts fill with sacred fire-love, we enter the stillpoint within the holy temple of our being where we understand that ALL is Love and Love is God…simple as that.  The purity of this Love is what ignites the Sacred Fires and the sacredness of this Love is what holds the vision of the divine plan of Immaculate Concept.  When we are filled with this pure and holy Love, we radiate Sacred Fire and support divine plan with every breath we take!
Allow the purity of Divine Love to merge with your Holy Heart Temple, dear Children of the Sun, as we come together upon the Crystalline Grid this Holy-Day Season.  In Oneness, let us breathe the Sacred Fires throughout the grid for the healing of all in need, for the end of suffering, for the upliftment of humanity and for the ascension of our blessed Gaia.
As you celebrate, with your families, the rebirth of the Christos upon planet Earth, our Hearts runneth over with love for each of you, dear Children of the Sun.  We pray that 2012 will hold for you all the happiness you deserve, all the love you share, all the health you need, and all the peace you want!
# 2 – An article by Simone Butler at about the upcoming Capricorn new moon titled Cracking the Facade…

Several hundred years ago, as the Burmese army was about to invade Bangkok, temple monks covered their precious, solid gold Buddha with an eight-inch layer of clay to hide its value. Slaughtered to a man, they took their secret to the grave. The Buddha’s golden essence wasn’t discovered until 1957. During its relocation, the 2.5 ton statue cracked as rain began to fall. When the head monk inspected the statue that night, his flashlight revealed its true nature shining through. Injury followed by battering rain showed what this statue was really made of. And so it is for us fragile humans.

The coming year will reveal what we are made of, as it cracks the façade to reveal the gold within. To get a glimpse of what’s ahead, we look to the Winter Solstice (9:30 pm PST on Dec. 21st), and the Capricorn New Moon that closely follows it (5:47 am PST on Dec. 24). Both charts highlight the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto square that will shake things up between 2012 and 2015. Yet the Sun in early Capricorn also throws an exact, stabilizing trine to optimistic Jupiter in Taurus (the golden core), extra powerful as it prepares to turn forward on Christmas Day.

The year ahead promises enormous benefits, both material and spiritual (Jupiter), if we’re willing to release old patterns (Capricorn) and try something radically new (Uranus).  Both the Solstice and New Moon charts also spotlight Venus, newly into experimental Aquarius, as she advocates for growth and freedom via aspects to Jupiter and Uranus.

With all the planets in forward motion from Dec. 25 through Jan. 23 (when Mars turns retrograde), it’s a fine time to launch something new. Capricorn symbolizes our true work. To discover what that looks like, we must often let convention fall aside–to quit working just to make money or meet others’ expectations. Are you doing what you came here to do? In 2012, staying stuck in a rut will only invite suffering and loss. Yet opening yourself to your higher calling brings exhilarating freedom along with increased prosperity.

At this New Moon, say a prayer of thanks for your cracks and wounds—they let your golden essence shine through. Ask for any facades that are not the “real you,” from excess weight to soul-stifling work, to fall away. Then, bask in the bliss of your true, golden nature and carry that feeling forth into the new year.

Here’s an Astro Feng Shui ritual to help your true nature shine forth as you work the Fame gua of your home.

© 2011 Simone Butler All rights reserved

# 3 – Here’s an invitation from EnlightenNext…

You are invited to join Andrew Cohen for his annual New Year’s Day web address at 3 pm ET on January 1st, 2012. This complimentary EnlightenNext broadcast is our gift to all of you in thanks for your support in 2011, and will give Andrew a chance to share with all of you his thoughts about the coming year.

>>Register now

# 4 – Two updates from Natural News on some environmental/health topics I’ve been following…

# 5 – Another great blog post from Chellie Campbell. This one brought tears to my eyes…twice!

# 6 – And a little Abraham for good measure…

“Each and every component that makes up your life experience is drawn to you by the powerful Law of Attraction’s response to the thoughts you think and the story you tell about your life. Your money and financial assets; your body’s state of wellness, clarity, flexibility, size, and shape; your work environment, how you are treated, work satisfaction, and rewards—indeed, the very happiness of your life experience in general—is all happening because of the story that you tell.” — Abraham

Enjoy and happy holidays, “Zippy”

As always, don’t forget to check out my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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