Super Mp3 sale, 2012 affirmations, Gate of Unity series, GMO update and more!


Wow! This is such a good deal it falls into the “pick” category for today…

The folks at MindPower Mp3s are in the last 2 days of their sale and the deals just keep getting sweeter.

Super Mind Music is unique to MindPowerMp3 – you won’t find it anywhere else – and you can now hear over 70 sample tracks for free in their Super Mind Music Jukebox …and incredibly, they’re giving away The Sound Transformation Starter Kit ,which includes 5 free mp3s that include a beautiful guided meditation with powerful healing music and help co-create a better world

Plus, they are also giving away The Good Vibrations Gift Set,  and if you spend over $20, you’ll get a free Yoga Starter Kit! But their sale ends on January 8th.  All the single mp3s are now available for less than $10 …and you can save up to 58% on over 50 revolutionary products including Dream Programming, Sacred Frequencies, Inner Journeys, and of course Super Mind Music. For the length of the sale you will also receive a free audio for every audio you purchase – up to a total of 3 free audios – including the not yet released “Deep Delta: Unforgettable Moments”.
Holy cow! Check it out.


# 1- If you would like to be a part of this unique and powerful free event from Quantum Healing…

The Gate of Unity series will be starting soon, with transformational leaders, healers and spiritual mentors such as Gregg Braden, Howard Martin, Dr. Norm Shealy, Maureen Moss, Rikka Zimmerman, and Lynne McTaggart and many more luminaries from around the globe.

# 2 – Interested in getting into better shape in the new  year without spending a lot of time? Check out this presentation of sensible, free fitness information about a 7 minute workout. I’m in the middle of trying out the program myself.

# 3  – Here’s an interesting article about someone finally taking a food manufacturer to task about GMOs and false advertising. Maybe this will have an impact…

# 4 – And if you’ve heard all the hype about 2012 and what’s supposed to happen and not happen, you may want to help keep track of things in this new blog…

# 5 – And speaking of 2012, here’s some information and stimulation about affirmations and the new year Natalie Glasson apparently received on 12/5….


‘I am 2012 Love, I am 2012 Peace, I am 2012 Truth, I am 2012 Joy, I am 2012 Spiritual Freedom, I am 2012 Creator Connections, I am 2012 Abundance, I am 2012 Perfect Health, I am 2012 Abundant Spiritual Abilities, I am 2012 Creator.’
2012 in itself is an activation for your being, if you imagine that you needed a key to open up your spiritual being, soul and sacred abilities, 2012 is the name and form of the key. It is extremely important for many to realise that 2012 has been programmed with many energies, codes, understandings and activation, it is like a crystal that will download information into your being. When we speak of 2012 in this way I am speaking of the word rather than the year. The word 2012 is the label of an energetic period of change, so both the energetic change and the word are linked together as one. By saying to yourself the word 2012 you can begin this activation within your being. When people say to each other, ‘Happy 2012 or Happy New Year, have a great 2012,’ they are speaking that activation for others, they are bringing the activation into the auric field and attention of others, as well as themselves.  Everything has been encoded so that the transition cannot be missed and can be experienced as fully as possible. You can try this for yourself, repeat out loud, 2012, then just observe your energy, it may become more energised with new energies beginning to activate. Many people all over the world will be saying the word 2012 which will cause a tremendous activation within Mother Earth and will mean that you are also supporting each other.  Throughout the year people will be saying, seeing and writing 2012 until it is so engrained on their consciousness, this in itself will allow for many activations to occur throughout the year of 2012 individually for humanity and as a community. 

With this in mind I wish to encourage you to begin to use the word 2012 as an activation for your own energy and soul but also as a positive and healing activation for the Earth. If positive words are placed with the word 2012 and we perceive the word 2012 as an activation or holding the purpose of activation, then any word can be activated from within your being and on the Earth.  If we also add the word,’ I am,’ this can hold a tremendous power of empowering yourself, anchoring and aligning with the Creator. 

For example,  I am 2012 Love, Which will hold the meaning of,
I empower within me, I exist as the Creator, I anchor, the activation of love.
This affirmation is being achieved for yourself and will also be anchored into the consciousness of humanity. 2012 can be used as an activation of many energies within and around you, it can also be used to empower what you wish and desire for yourself and humanity. With this affirmation you can begin to empower and create the reality that you wish to experience upon the Earth now.  11-11-11 was about creating unity between humanity, with a greater sense of unity this offers a powerful foundation for humanity to activate and create the qualities that they desire to experience in their realities and upon the Earth in 2012 and beyond. Maybe you always wished that the Creator would give you a paint brush and say to you, paint whatever you want and it shall be yours. This is your opportunity to do so, because others around the world will be achieving it therefore multiplying its power of manifestation.  Allow yourself to comprise a list of affirmations that reinforce your desires for 2012 for you as an individual and for humanity as a whole. You can read and empower these affirmations daily to allow the energies to activate from within your being, integrate into your reality and into the realities of others. 2012 is destined to be the era of love and of connecting once more with your original source, but it is far more magnificent because although 2012 already holds a purpose you can use the activation energies of 2012 to activate what you wish to manifest or experience. Essentially with focus you can create the reality you wish to experience and you can awaken a tremendous healing process for you and the world.
‘I am 2012 Love, I am 2012 Peace, I am 2012 Truth, I am 2012 Joy, I am 2012 Spiritual Freedom, I am 2012 Creator Connections, I am 2012 Abundance, I am 2012 Perfect Health, I am 2012 Abundant Spiritual Abilities, I am 2012 Creator.’
Above are examples, know that by simply repeating these you can activate the qualities within your being aligned and supported by the Creator. I hope that you will discover and explore this for yourself and know that now is a very powerful time for manifestation. It is essential for you to know in your mind with clarity what you wish to manifest and anchor into your reality for you and humanity. Please remember that your efforts and devotion will always support all beloved souls upon the Earth in their spiritual alignment.
We will continue our discussions of guidance, With love always, Lord Buddha and Archangel Metatron


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