Winter Feast for the Soul & quick astrology update


I just found out about this and immediately signed up. Such a great idea that I am adding this short second post for today in hopes that others can start along with me. The Winter Feast for the Soul begins today, January 15th, but if you get a late start, just go beyond the scheduled end. I’m sure the idea is to get us so much in the habit of spending the 40 minutes daily that we continue on with it and make it a regular part of our daily living…


Here’s a quick astrology update for the coming week from renowned astrologer Chris Flisher…

Week of January 16

 Uranus moves forward in Aries and a time for innovation and rebellion arrive. Rebellion serves as the catalyst for change. The spark must come from somewhere and Uranus is willing and able to comply. As the electricity mounts we’ll see more sparks as time unfolds. The push and pull of Saturn and Jupiter will exacerbate the feeling of suppressed energy. Like a horse waiting to run, the delicate balance of wanting to dash while held in place could leave us longing for action and adventure. Mars and the Moon spend a rather grounded time together in late week.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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