Full moon in Leo and other astrological happenings, plus Abraham on aging


Here’s insights about the current full moon phase and other astrological events, thanks to Julia Bondi of MoonCircles.com and Tami Brunk of  Astrology for Earth Renewal…

Intuitive Message for the Leo Full Moon: Rulership of the Heart
 Julia Bondi

In these times that try our souls — as deaths escalate in Syria and Egypt, as the pressure for war against Iran looms larger and the United States and Russian elections confound reason — it is crucial to stay true to the vision animating the coming Aquarian Age. Since the discovery of Uranus in the 18th century, humankind has seen a miraculous awakening of human consciousness, freedom and political awarenessAs Uranus transited Aquarius in the 90’s and early 2000’s the internet, the most Aquarian technology, connected humanity across the globe. This is the first time in human history when everyone, everywhere, all of humanity, is politically awake. The Aquarian concepts of individual human liberty and purpose, of Leonine human dignity and value are now universal.

The movement of Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, through its own sign from 1996-2003 followed by Neptune’s transit through Aquarius from 1998-2012 has set the table for the Aquarian Age. The world is global, humanity is awake, and everything is now possible. A new world is being born. The Full Moon in Leo, reflecting the Sun’s light in Aquarius, is highlighting the dignity of and confidence in the natural light of each human soul. We are unique, valuable, special beings with divine intelligence, capable of creating an Aquarian world of integrated, healthy, sustainable life for ourselves and our planet. And, we will have to accomplish these goals if we are to survive.

During this Full Moon, the Leo archetype reminds us that what makes us special is our capacity to know our divine origin through the joy, creativity and love that naturally motivate a healthy human being. Leo’s rulership of the heart is the foundation of our humanity as we become capable of interacting with others outside our family. The power of love and attraction emanates from our souls as we recognize those we have incarnated to live with, love with and work with. As we mature, the dynamic energy and force of Leo is meant to be directed toward an expanded, inclusive love for all of our brothers and sisters on this planet as we come to know ourselves as part of the larger human family. Our Aquarian circle of friends expands from our Leo heart.

Surely these are challenging times, when it is easy to fear for ourselves, those we love, our nations and our planet. Yet they are also amazing times when humanity is organizing to better the world, demanding to be free or die, creating ever larger circles of connections, and awakening to our power to develop our divine nature to love, to care, to heal.

The Leo/Aquarius archetypes are questing archetypes – the Leo quest for one’s own self, wholeness, and destiny, and the Aquarius quest for a meaningful purpose to contribute to building a more caring, loving, healed, human world, freed to live out its full destiny for all of humanity. As we face the news, the world and our own work to be – and stay – awake, and to love ourselves, this Full Moon asks that we deepen our trust in the divine unfolding of our universal destiny – Aquarian vision held firm and steady by a confident Leo heart.

© 2012 Julia Bondi
All rights reserved

Full Moon in Leo with Saturn Station by Tami Brunk

The Leo Full Moon is exact today at about 3:00 pm MST, and occurs as Saturn stations retrograde at the very latest degrees of Libra: 29’30. Beginning last Tuesday with Venus opposite Mars, many of us have been doing a lot of “work” around relationships. We experienced the energizing of underlying tensions and growth potential in our closest partnerships.

This focus continues for the next several days with Saturn’s direct station. Saturn has been in Libra since October of 2009. Because it is stationing retrograde today in this area, we are feeling a kind of crescendo, or intensive download of all the unlearning and learning we have been doing around relationships over the past 2 years.

We might consider: how have my closest relationships shifted and changed over the past two years? What new relationships have come into my life and what have I been learning from them? What relationships have ended, and why? How have my continuing relationships grown, and what have I been learning from them?


Abraham talks about aging…


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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