Living With Intention, The Intention Movement, setting goals, the danger of root canals and Abraham. What a mix!

# 1 – Here’s an offer from Lynn McTaggert about living with intention…

Tele-seminar of the Week:  Going Deeper with Intention

Speaking of intention, few of us live consciously for any length of time, even those who have practiced directing our thoughts.

That’s why I recorded a 90-minute program called Living with Intention, to offer practices and techniques for bringing intention into your daily life. You will become an influencer – to the people and the environment around you – instead of being influenced all the time by others.

In Living with Intention, you will:

  • find out how to select the right time and place for intending
  • discover how to achieve great focus
  • learn how to use the five senses
  • harness visualization to help you intend
  • discover ‘high-road’ thinking
  • explore the many ways of seeing
  • find out the difference between prayer and intention
  • uncover the importance of belief
  • learn the most important emotional states
  • learn how to send healing thoughts
  • discover the power of intention in small groups
  • find your true path through intention

To find out more or to get hold of an immediate download, click on

If you’re new to intention, and have been disappointed by other books claiming to help you change your life with little more than what appears to be wishful thinking, you can check out my Starting Out recording, which starts from the basics, and takes you through all the processes – the right mind states, the right heart state, the ways you can be specific and trust the process – until you are consciously intending in your daily life.

To find out more:

# 2 – A thought-provoking  post at Zen Habits about goals…or more aptly, not having  goals.  Seems to me part of the “problem” with goals is they usually reinforce our inclination to get caught up in doing rather than being…


# 1 – I have listened to a number of the presentations in the previous You Wealth series and am excited to learn that the next one, titled The Intention Movement, will be starting on Feb. 21st…

It’s a CIRCLE of HIGHER ENERGY and INTENTION designed to shift your life and clear your energy, your blocks and your way to abundance.  And in case you are wondering, this is not just a another tele-summit, but a conscious intention circle designed to shift your life, the environment, your money, and your future.  This is also about “healing”/transforming the world, and a whole community of leaders are rallying behind this MOVEMENT and joining the circle, including Darius Barazandeh (founder), Rikka Zimmerman, Dr. Bradley Nelson, Christie Marie Sheldon, Gay & Katie Hendricks, Dr. Kenji Kumara, Jennifer Hough, Ann Taylor, Richard Gordon, and Panache Desai.

(You also get an Energy Awakening Kit as a bonus for signing up for this free event!)

# 2 – This can be a scary read, but I have had, and continue to have, problems with the effects of root canals and wisdom teeth extractions. Wish I’d been aware of this kind of information much earlier in life…

# 3 – A great video clip from Abraham about anger, negative emotion, depression and the path to bliss (a good off-set for the root canal article :-))…

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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