Astrology update, eye-opening sweet potato experiment, great animal story, New Age humor, and a touching tribute from Japan

OMG, I just got back from a 5-day Access event with Rikka Zimmerman and am still in the “dust settling” stage of things, but if you ever get a chance to experience her in person, don’t miss it! Anyway, maybe more on that at a later point, but I wanted to get back to providing you with some stimulation and inspiration after being out of the loop this past week…


# 1 – I may be the only person out there who’s getting tired of everybody on the internet thinking they now have to present their information, products, services, etc. in audio or video format….

But this is one video I really enjoyed watching….the little girl is adorable and the information is eye-opening, to say the least.

# 2 – Get some hankies ready for this great video from Japan…

# 3 – Humor goes “New Age-y” with Kyle Cease…

# 4 – For you animal lovers out there, a sad story with a very happy ending…

# 5 – And an astrological update from Chris Flisher…

An Intellectual Revolution

The most important alignment for the month of March will be the co-joining of Mercury, Uranus and the Sun all in the early degrees of restless, spring-bound Aries. As Mercury stations and heads towards retrograde motion on March 12 we can expect all sorts of sparky, impulsive discussions surrounding key intellectual subjects. This is the fuel of revolution as Uranus the great rebel occupies a higher frequency than Mercury and elevates the common discussion to one of historical importance. To complicate the matter these planets will be in a square (90 degree) alignment to mighty Pluto in Capricorn. The confusion, revelation, and realization of what is occurring will be unavoidable  Much will need to be sorted as opinions vary and progress seems locked in quicksand. These are the times that try men’s souls, as the phrase goes. Why?

Uranus symbolizes the sporadic, cerebral quality of thought and change, while Mercury is the very embodiment of communication. Together they forge a unique conversation that may seem agitated and regressive. Mercury retrograde tends to send progress backwards as we stop and reconsider. In fact, any word with the prefix “re” works for this transit – re-view, re-consider, re-visit and so on. How does this unfold on the world’s stage? Looking at this dynamic combination in the United States it is actually quite easy to see the dialog regress as the topic of birth control, abortion, women’s right s and other “ancient” topics come back to the public discourse. This is not a political commentary, but rather a simple social observation. There is no judgment here; just watching the wheels go round and round.

Why, when we are immersed in a global economic quagmire, would politicians be speaking of long-resolved issues? Why do these topics appear again? Haven’t we been down this road years ago? Didn’t we solve the problem of contraception ages ago? Wasn’t that the 1960s? Why is this topic back on the headlines today? There is no historical value for these issues at this point in time. Been there; done that. The universe is not regressive, so this is a pathway that will surely work against progress.

This is a reactionary (Uranus) distraction of the highest order. By bringing this topic to the table AGAIN, the conversation shifts from the real issues. Because this topic is so emotional, it harbors deep fears/views/emotions in people and strikes at the very core of an age old problem that should never enter the conversation. This distraction will force us to come to divisive lines of opinion that will not unify but rather separate our collective consciousness. In an effort to display contrast, this conversation brings up a point that will surely draw a line between parties. Again, this is an observation and does not represent any political opinion on my part. “Just the facts m’am;” so to speak.

The distractibility of this type of tense angle will indeed force the issue of a resolution. Resolution may come at the cost of progress as unnecessary media cycles churn away at explosive and inflammatory issues when all we really need to do is start working and get our jobs done. There is nothing easy, but simple problem resolution is required. As we see moderate politicians leave the arena we know we are in trouble. History (not opinion) has repeatedly shown that the way forward is straight down the middle. The middle way is the spot where true compromise comes to the fore and diplomacy rules, leaving both sides feeling as if they gained. The byproduct of this gain is in fact a step forward for the person in the street.

How do we resolve this and elevate the dialog to one that serves us better? We speak out and we act with goodness and optimism. Gently we move the dialog back to the points that we need to address. Pluto in Capricorn will drive significant foundational changes that will be triggered by reactionary Uranus and fueled by Mercury in retrograde motion for the large part of the month. Later in April the fog will clear and the past will look much different as will the future.

Week of March 5th

This week presents a time of intellectual spark as Mercury and Uranus join forces and forge a dynamic energy pattern that sends conversations into the unknown. We can expect sudden shifts in our thought process and brilliant flashes of insight and innovation. As both of these planets will be drifting through Aries we can expect some rather impulsive exchanges of words, ideas and discoveries. Aries tends to drive and initiate, so expect bold departures and unheard of proposals. There should be a tangible excitement that accompanies this type of energy so tap into it and ride the charge.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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