New moon & solar eclipse, Kashi misrepresentation, and more!



We’re heading into a very special and unique, powerful and potent time for the next few months, astrologically speaking…

# 1 – Information from on the new moon and solar eclipse period we are heading into…

This Sunday, May 20th, late afternoon to early evening on the West Coast, there will be an astronomical event that is visible in many areas of the world as an annular Solar Eclipse. In the San Francisco Bay area there will only be large crescent-shaped chunks taken out of the blinding disk of the Sun. What this means astrologically is more complex. Whether the occlusion of the Sun is annular or total, an eclipse is regarded as an extremely powerful New Moon, with the eclipse degree a sensitive point in the heavens for the following six months. Since in this case the eclipse degree is 0 Gemini, exactly sextile to the Aries point, that effect is magnified, and so is the symbolism of the sign itself. The Sabian Symbol for the eclipse degree reinforces this strong Gemini vibe. It is “A glass-bottom boat in still water,” and it emphasizes the idea of curiosity, and also the elements Air and Water. Gemini is of course a curious Air sign. As we peer into the undersea world we symbolically see the creatures that dwell beneath the surface of our conscious perception, and it opens us up to the unconscious energies of our emotions, as represented by the Water element, and to the submerged psychic structures of our personalities.

The aspects surrounding this extra-powerful New Moon are also intense. The ruler of the eclipse degree, namelyMercury, is found in Venus-ruled Taurus, while Venus is retrograde in Gemini and therefore in mutual reception with Mercury – making this a thoughtful time for examining the relationships in our lives. Mercury is a mere two and a half degrees away from Jupiter, in close conjunction. Their midpoint matches the degree of Saturn in Libra, another Air sign, to the minute, making a tight quincunx or inconjunct aspect. The exuberance of Jupiter is therefore muted by the contraction and sense of limitation represented by Saturn. The keyword of the quincunx aspect is “adjustment,” and this is another signal that we must take stock of our actions and their consequences. A further form of contrast is revealed in the Air and Water elements, representing conscious and unconscious forces. This theme is also symbolized by the highlighting of Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. The New Moon makes a square to these two undersea and instinctual planets, located in the Water sign of Pisces. Mars is also in opposition within a degree to Chiron. This modern planetoid, only discovered in 1977, and called the Wounded Healer, astrologically refers to these same unconscious depths. With Chiron invoked, and with Venusnewly retrograde, we might truly begin to have a deep look under the covers of our motivations and be surprised by what we find there. If we have the courage, open-eyed, to face our inner wounding, we will be rewarded by greater self-acceptance and eventual happiness.

Of course, besides Neptune, the other outer-planet archetypes looming now are represented by the oncomingUranusPluto square, which perfects next month. Indeed, Pluto also stands out in this potent configuration.Jupiter is sesquiquadrate to Pluto, and contra-parallel, while the Sun is also contra-parallel and Mars remains in trine with the lord of death and rebirth. Chiron in Pisces makes a close sextile to Pluto, just as Uranus draws to within 2 degrees of the forming square. With Pluto so strongly emphasized and with the eclipse itself so powerful, we are in for a time for weeks to come that will try our souls, and allow us glimpses of our own private underworld. The good news is that these trials will also allow us to rise above and to become in the process more whole.

# 2 – Here’s Jo Dunning’s take on the solar eclipse energies…

This Sunday, May 20, at 4:24 PM, PDT, there will be a Solar Eclipse that happens only once every 25,920 years!!!  It will last just over two hours.  On the West Coast of the United States it will be from 4:24-6:42 PM, PDT and will be at its peak at 4:47 PM, PDT.

Your location will determine how much of the eclipse you will see.  The full eclipse will be visible from parts of China, on across much of the Pacific, to the West Cost of the United States and across the Southwest United States.  Then the sun will set and the eclipse will no longer be visible.

Even if you can’t see the eclipse, the wonderful energy will still reach you wherever you may live!

If you want to see the eclipse, do not look directly at the sun during the eclipse without proper protection.  Sunglasses are not enough! The intense light can still quickly and permanently damage your vision.  Only use special solar glass filters or solar glasses designed for solar viewing or welders glass.

There is an easy and safe way to watch the sun as it moves through the eclipse.  You can simply stand under a tree and look at the pattern of the shadow of leaves on the ground as the light filters through them. Their shadow will be the shape of the eclipse of the sun.  Or you can spread your fingers apart and lay them on top of each other in a waffle pattern.  The light that goes through your fingers onto the ground will also be the shape of the eclipse and will change as the eclipse progresses.

This Solar Eclipse is created by an alignment of our Earth, Moon and our Sun.  However, the amazing energy of this very rare event is created by the simultaneous alignment of our Earth, Moon and Sun with the Central Sun of our Milky Way Galaxy located in the Pleiades.  This Central Sun is named Alcyone.       

This is the alignment that only happens every 25,920 years!!!

For the Earth to move into this alignment with our galactic Central Sun, we must pass into a powerful Photon Belt.  Our planet moves through this photon belt only once in our 26,000 year orbit around the Central Sun of our galaxy. The photons have a very powerful affect on our consciousness and all life on Earth and in our solar system!  They are essential to our life, health and functioning!   The huge influx of photons create and end of one age and the shift into the next.     

We are shifting now into The Golden Age!!!

Photons are very high frequencies of light, which also have the capacity to change to matter and then back to Light again!  Our bodies absorb the photons from our Sun when they touch our skin.   Einstein discovered the speed of the vibration of the photon as it moves around the nucleus of a cell reduces the effects of gravity.    

Photon speed is what produces levitation in very Light filled Beings!!

Our solar system is moving into this photon belt right now!  The photons are filling our Earth, our bodies and our consciousness.  This huge influx of light is affecting our body, our mind and our emotions.  We are absorbing more and more Light which is increasing our vibration and changing our perspective about all of life! We are all in the process of transformation!!! 

The old ways are leaving, our body is being cleansed, our sleep patterns are shifting, our old emotional “baggage” is being cleared out, our mind is unable to function in its old ways, outdated beliefs and habits becomes glaringly obvious, our relationships are changing and our life is moving into the chaos of change and on into transformation.

Perhaps you have been experiencing some of these things!

With so much change going on inside of us right now, this is the perfect time to draw in and focus the full amplification offered by the photon energy.  We can use this energy to create a more graceful and comfortable passage through the changes and into Awakening! 

(Jo is offering a special activation to assist with the integrating these powerful energies. You can find out more at:

# 3 – And speaking of the eclipse, there’s more! Here’s an invite from the folks at Go Gratitude to an eclipse-related event…

Greetings Beloveds,

Stacey and I are very much looking forward to adding our energies with yours during the “Ring of Fire” eclipse tomorrow. We will be enjoying the event from a grand view point on top of a mountain in Arizona. We, as well as countless others around the world, will be joining hearts in meditation at the same time.

Wherever you may find yourself during the eclipse, we invite you to join us in spirit – in Releasing the Past, Appreciating the Present and Dreamseeding the Future.

Tomorrow – the 20th – is also the first day of our Blooming Humans “Ring of Fire” Unity Wave.  You may go here to participate:

# 4 – Want to read more about the new moon?

# 5 – If you haven’t already heard about this and eat any of the Kashi brand line of products, you may want to know…

# 6 – Another great one from Abraham…

“There is not a source of not Well-being. There is not a source of sickness. There is just the disallowance of wellness. In every particle of the Universe there is that which is wanted and lack of it.”— Abraham


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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