Inspirational video, Radical Manifestation, Andrew Cohen interview, food additives guide, and a sweet animal story!


This is a great visual experience….very inspiring. Be sure to watch full screen. (Thanks to my friend Nina for passing along the link!)


# 1- An upcoming interview with Andrew on Evolutionary Enlightenment…

On Saturday, June 30th at 2pm ET, Carter Phipps (former Executive Editor of EnlightenNext magazine and author of the new book Evolutionaries) will do a live interview with Andrew Cohen about how Evolutionary Enlightenment helps to facilitate this unique kind of spiritual awakening and how it contributes to the evolution of culture.

>>Register Now

# 2 – Here’s a link where you can download a shopping guide to help you avoid foods with non-beneficial additives…

# 3 – Uh oh, you animal lovers, grab your hankies. Here’s a truly inspiring story of love and compassion, both the human and animal kind…

# 4 – Colin Tipping, of Radical Forgiveness fame, is offering a free on-line course in Radical Manifestation that works with your spiritual intelligence…

I just signed up to try this myself a few days ago. Really like the worksheet  they give you; seems like a nice “accessory” to the information in my visioning workbook.

You can also join Colin for the free Living  A Course In Miracles 3 at:

# 5 – And, as a tie-in with Tip #1, the quote for today is from Andrew Cohen’s new book, Evolutionary Enlightenment…

“Imagine what it would be like if there was no sense of otherness when you were with other people. How would it feel if there was no trace of self-consciousness, and no preoccupation with superiority, competition, fear, mistrust, or unworthiness? Dare to consider, just for a moment, the possibility of being so at ease in the company of others that there was nothing to hide, nothing to defend – only the fear-less transparency of egoless awareness and the ecstatic urgency of the evolutionary impulse. That is what it feels like when we awaken to the Authentic Self, together.”

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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