First quarter moon & other cosmic “chaos” :-), community gardens, your inner journey, Birth of You & Peace Summit


# 1 – The Shift Network is sponsoring two events…

The Birth of a New You – During this groundbreaking free global teleconference this Saturday June 30th at 10am PT, spiritual visionary, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Shift Network Founder Stephen Dinan are going deep.  Accompanied by graduates of the Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACE) Training, they’ll help you explore how to birth a new humanity in your own life — in body, mind, and soul.

What is the “new you” that is emerging that can, in turn, help create this new era? Discover the answer at this free global teleconference gathering: The Birth of a New You AND a New Humanity

Summer of Peace Summit – Includes a full season of live events around the globe plus a massive virtual experience that includes many of the most powerful voices in the peace movement sharing their inspiration and opportunities with a global audience absolutely free!

Featured speakers throughout the Summer of Peace include: Arun Gandhi, Alice Walker, Jack Kornfield, Marianne Williamson, Dot Maver, Ambassador Chowdhury, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ervin Laszlo, Belvie Rooks, Matthew Fox, James O’Dea, Grandmother Flordemayo, Azim Khamisa, Bernard Lafayette — and just announced, Phil Donahue!

P.S. During the Summer of Peace, you’ll also find out about community actions and local projects you can get involved in.

# 2 – Words of wisdom from the wonderful Guy Finley…


Key Lesson: Life is not happening to you, it unfolds as it does… for you.

Self-discovery — and the new self-knowledge it generates — has no limitations, no moment where there isn’t the possibility for something higher to pierce the soul and so reveal that everything that once was is no more because something greater now stands there.

This means that there is no end to what is higher, to what is ever-above you; and that the ground of this immeasurable state of self awaits youwithin you. And as this discovery of discoveries dawns in you, in its light is revealed the greatest secret on earth: Life is its movement into you; and this movement of Life takes place within you. In other words, your real life is an inner journey.

As you begin to align yourself with Life’s secret direction, your experiences in it, and of yourself, are transformed. Slowly, but surely, a whole — and new — kind of pleasure permeates what used to be even your most mundane moments. Boredom with life simply ceases to exist for you. You no longer worry about what you’re supposed to be doing with your life because, at last, you begin to realize that Life already has plans just for you!

Believe me, there is no greater strength than knowing that everything life brings to you is for you as well. And as this wondrous fact grows clear to you, old enemies either vanish or they’re transformed into your allies. Precious energies once wasted in futile self-defense are turned into new powers for further self-exploration. But this is really just the beginning.

By learning to cooperate with what Life wants for you — which is to help you realize the new you that you’ve been seeking all along — your victory over the intimate enemy is assured. The new you that emerges from the ground of this struggle within yourself is as different as the mighty open-limb oak is from its tightly shelled acorn seed. I know this to be true, and so will you.

(This article is excerpted from Who Put That Stone In My Shoe? For a free Welcome Kit from Guy Finley and his Life of Learning Foundation go to:

# 3 – Love the idea of what’s happening in West Yorkshire and beyond with gardens open to the community…

# 4 – First quarter moon astrological update from and more…

The First Quarter Moon that comes along in the evening of Tuesday, June 26th, is an important one. Coming as it does mid-way in the first half of the lunation cycle, leading up to the Full Moon, this moment of tension is always interesting. Now, however, the Sun – newly in Cancer – together with the Moon in square to it, make a Grand Cross in Cardinal signs withUranus and Pluto just as the square between these two outer planets perfects. This day, rather than the recent date of their exact, Sunday the 24th, is therefore the strongest moment of the period surrounding this configuration’s initial contact, presaging a dicey time of revolutionary change coming down, and intense adjustment to the recognition of the radical depth of that transformation.

Of course, this aspect between Uranus and Pluto is far from over, with six more exact hits over the next few years, and with an influence lasting right through to the end of the decade. We are in the soup, no two ways about it, and do well to remain as conscious as possible regarding the extended period of this transition, both individually and collectively. We likely will be hard-pressed to recognize either ourselves or our cultural matrix by the time that the 2020 mark is actually reached, so major is the societal transformation that the world and particularly America is entering into as we step through the doorway of this climactic year. As we cross this threshold we might remember to watch and weigh everything that happens with the utmost attention, reserving judgment as far as that is possible, and holding onto our faith in the essential benevolence of the cosmos to guide us through. The spiritual evolution that is here unfolding has a cutting back effect on whatever is not working in our society and in ourselves and – let’s face it – there is much that needs to be pruned away.

Other factors in these current skies are also significant at this time. Venus is ending its retrograde throughGemini as early as the next morning, the 27th, and in aspect to Uranus and Pluto, further emphasizing the increase in consciousness surrounding this revolutionary and transformative confluence of cosmic factors, while the Sun and Moon also aspect Neptune in Pisces, while Jupiter remains square, representing on the other hand a softer and more intuitive feeling tone that is also a prominent astrological archetype in these powerful times we are living through. Relationships that we hold dear are vital to us now, and deserve careful examination. TheNeptune factor means that we must understand that not everything that is happening right now will be immediately obvious, or even clear. There is the possibility of deception, currently rampant in the news headlines, as well as the potential for self-deception also, and then on the other hand there is the idealism and the hopeful vision that we must nonetheless fall back on if we are to keep our sanity during what will be in many ways a difficult transition.

All in all, this is a time of great potential difficulty. We must give up some cherished notions and perhaps possessions. But this period of trial has its uplifting side in the thought that it is all quite necessary, and even in some sense planned, when we can keep faith in the creative potential of our higher selves, and in the universe that surrounds us, to see us through.

And here’s shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk’s ( take on the current astrological situation…

We have just passed through 48-hour period packed with astrological events that we will continue to feel intensely through next week. The biggest took place early Sunday morning–the first of 3 exact Pluto Uranus squares in 2012. This followed right on the heels of a Venus Pleiades conjunction. About two hours later, the crescent Moon was conjunct Regulus.

Yesterday morning, just after midnight, Neptune and Jupiter were square, followed two hours later by the third big event-Saturn stationing direct after traveling retrograde since February. Tonight (and tomorrow night) after local midnight, look to the SW for the Bootes meteor showers, which should be especially visible this year.

As if this weren’t enough, tomorrow (Wednesday) morning Venus stations direct at 9:00 am MST, after traveling retrograde since May 15. Friday, the Sun triggers the Pluto Uranus square, illuminating the intense energies of the square through next week. Very strange and intense events are occurring at an accelerated rate, and there is a whole lot we cannot control.

Though few of us at this time are managing “perfect” equilibrium, it is vital that we really use the tools we have available to us, to get still and into our core.  Whether that is meditation, prayer, time in nature, or simple connection with those we love, our moments of stillness and calm will nourish us through these days of intensity and awakening.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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