Capricorn full moon, Jo Dunning on LOA Talk Radio, Lisa Nichols free call, GMOs & the “Big Six,” plus cute kitty video. :-)


# 1 – Lisa Nichols has chosen to team with The Shift Network for an exclusive program called:Your Breakthrough Life: How to Overcome Barriers and Step into Your Greatness

It all kicks off with a free tele-seminar event that will be “quintessential Lisa”, Tuesday, July 10 at 1:00 pm Pacific / 4:00 pm Eastern. Lisa’s personal triumph over adversity, her mastery of the inner game of success, her effervescent teaching style and her wide-open heart have made her a crowd favorite around the world.

On this call, entitled No Matter What! Lisa is going to crack the code on becoming truly unstoppable in manifesting your greatest expression of your unique genius.

# 2 – Jo Dunning is going to be on Law of Attraction Talk Radio…

During the interview she will be sharing more of her wisdom about life and her wonderful energy work.  The focus of this broadcast is transformation in 2012.

Whenever Jo speaks there is always something new she has to offer to assist us all through the challenges of life.  And as she shares her insights the wonderful energy is at work helping each listener to open into a new and more prosperous life.
CLICK HERE to listen.
# 3 – An article about the Capricorn full moon…
Capricorn Full Moon: Gifts of Our Fathers
By  · June 28, 2012

One beautiful afternoon last week, I suddenly found that I couldn’t bear being inside for another moment. I grabbed a hat and headed out to the back yard. It’s a mess out there; we’ve been renovating our old garage for months (we joke that the only thing keeping it together is the termites holding hands) and half of its contents – along with thistles and weeds – have overtaken our back yard. An orderly person, I was beginning to feel desperate and panicky every time I walked out the back door. So while I was outside I decided to tackle the mess. I started pulling weeds, and within an hour I’d filled three trash cans and was sweating, tired, and completely happy.

Whenever I spend time up to my knuckles in dirt it’s as though part of me has come home. I’m the daughter of a Capricorn farmer who was blissfully happy spending hot, humid summer afternoons in absolute solitude, meditatively traversing his acres aboard a tractor. But even in the early 1960s small farms were struggling, so he also drove our school bus – “to support his farming habit,” my mom liked to say. He did whatever he had to do to make a go of his farming while supporting his family, working long hours and odd jobs. He even tried to make farmers of my reluctant brothers, who made it clear they had other plans for their futures.

I know many astrologers, artists, writers, and metaphysical practitioners, myself included, can relate to this idea of supporting our vocational “habits” with other sources of income. We devote long hours and much love to our work, usually for little money compared to what we might earn in a regular job. Many years after becoming a professional astrologer, much of my earnings still come from side enterprises such as my web design business. If someone asks me what I do for a living, though, I always answer that I’m an astrologer – because regardless of how much I earn from that work, that’s how I think of myself.

I suppose this stubborn determination to support my astrology habit is a legacy from my father. In his quiet way, Dad demonstrated that dedication to the work you love – and not how you earn your money – is what defines your vocation and makes you a success. Reading an installment of Cary Tennis’ advice column at reminded me of this. A reader wrote in to complain that after many years of struggling to make a living as a musician, his art still didn’t support him financially. Cary reminded him that earning money from other sources wouldn’t make him any less a musician. “Maybe,” Tennis wrote, “it’s time for you to support your art for awhile.” And as my dad demonstrated, that’s true – sometimes, we have to be good fathers to our work and support our vocations, rather than the other way around.

This month’s Full Moon chart features Venus, goddess of money and love, conjunct adventurous Jupiter, sextile innovative Uranus, and approaching a trine with Saturn. If you’ve been struggling financially, or feeling like a failure because the work you love doesn’t pay enough, it’s time to shake things up a little. Maybe you’ve gotten a little bit bored with the things you’re doing or the way that you’re doing them. And maybe it’s time to take a more realistic view of money’s role in your vocational happiness.

Take a closer look, too, at your relationships. The dark side of Capricorn’s tenacity is a certain ruthless singlemindedness, and our bonds with others often suffer when we give too much to our work, sacrificing the soft, Cancerian shapes of domestic pleasure. With Venus approaching a trine to Saturn in the Venus-ruled sign of Libra, we have the opportunity to recognize which of our relationships were built on shifting, sandy soil and to embrace those that were founded on enduring bedrock.

When the Sun is moving through tender Cancer, we grow nostalgic for childhood summers, ice cream trucks, and the safety of our mother’s protective embrace. But it’s all too easy to stay nestled in her arms for too long instead of venturing out of your shell and tackling the world. At some point, Cancer’s baby must leave the tidepool and learn to fend for herself. Teaching us how to take care of ourselves was dad’s job, and the Capricorn Full Moon reveals how well those lessons were learned. Dad may have been loving, cruel, or absent; successful or a failure. But his example undoubtedly informed your values and visions about your place in the world.

Perhaps like my back yard, your vocational garden has been overrun with a chaotic tangle of weeds, or maybe you’ve been tending the wrong garden altogether. At this Capricorn Full Moon, it’s time to nurture your ambitions just as you nurture your pets, plants, and loved ones. Let us be thankful for the gifts of our Capricornian fathers and honor them by claiming our true vocations and defining our personal visions of success. Let us be frugal stewards of the earth’s bounty and steady friends and lovers upon whom others can rely. And let us tend our gardens well – pulling weeds, clearing away what isn’t needed, and being willing to get our hands dirty.

© April Elliott Kent

And some excerpts from about the astrology for July…

“……Radical transformation is thus once more in the offing as this intense summer begins. And this brings up one of the great gifts of Astrology. Without its benefit one might assume that the worst is over, but this turns out to be far from the case. We know from the repetition and the severity of these transiting positions that things will tend to get worse over the next few years before they begin to get better. We will continue to be amazed by the unending revelations that spur us on to necessary changes, both in our individual lives and in the life of the collective that surrounds us. As Pluto conspires and interacts with the social innovation symbolized by Uranus all hell breaks loose – literally. This is because in order to create a new foundation one first must destroy the old order. Destruction is never pretty, nor comfortable, but it might turn out to be entirely necessary. …..

Since Venus and Mars are also in the mix of energies during this potent month, all types of relationships are up for us as well, and reflect back to us the concept of “right relationship” wherein we treat others with the respect that we owe to them and indeed that we owe to ourselves, but so often overlook. When Mars trines the eclipse degree on the 3rd, also trining Jupiter in early Gemini, itself in square with Neptune, we feel both the idealism of this placement and a call to action that might be surprisingly intense in force and tenacious in intention. In many ways, as most in some fashion now realize, the time has come for concerted action, and right relationship is as good a place to start as any. The action required is simultaneously individual and collective; only you know what is right for you, and yet performing the deed in accord with conscious recognition of your true self and your correct path makes a holographic imprint on everything and everyone around you. Never fear that your activity will go undetected. One of the paradoxes of this time is that while you cannot predict the actual outcome, if you put your heart on the line you absolutely cannot go wrong, either.”

# 4 – You hear a lot about Monsanto in regard to GMOs, but here’s an article about the “Big Six” that’s an eye opener…

# 5 – The terrific sale at Mind Power MP3 is coming to an end, so act fast..

They are celebrating their first birthday with a Summer sale AND a new free gift for all visitors (The Music and Magic Transformation Kit containing 5 mp3s). Here’s what you’ll get when you visit the site:

1) New and Exclusive – Improve your overall health with Ultimate Mind
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it is launched to the general public)

2) Magical – Experience a Million Blessings with Super Mind Music –
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boost your energy and vibration.

3) Balancing – Become more tolerant, optimistic and compassionate by
awakening your heart chakra with unique chakra music

4) Rejuvenating – Enhance learning, ESP and health by tuning in to
our planet’s rejuvenating frequency of 7.83 Hz – the Schumann
Resonance – ‘Earth’s heartbeat’ mixed with beautiful modern classical

5) Mysterious – Restore true memory and remove any fears with ancient
solfeggio harmonics. Many secrets lie within the solfeggio
frequencies. They are said to contain the power of creation and

Download all these amazing mp3s for free here (before they are withdrawn) and check out their sale where you can save up to 64%.

# 6 – Short and very sweet kitty video…

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff, including information about the free Future of Health Now series with 20 experts, including Dr. Daniel Amen, Rollin McCraty and Daphne Oz !

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