Happy 4th of July!


Tom Atlee of The Co-Intelligence Institute has written A Declaration of Interdependence  that seemed appropriate for sharing on this 4th of July, 2012. It reminds me of why I named my website All One Together….

We hold this truth to be self-evident

We are All In This



Therefore we live this truth

in our lives, communities and societies,

and thrive together into a long future

that we create together.


We are the world

that is awakening

to both the fact and the opportunity

of our interdependence-

fully, finally and beyond a shadow of doubt.


We are the world,

Who are making

ourselves a good world

that works for all people and all life.

Because we know the Greatest Secret of All:


We are All in this Together.


Happy 4th of July and I hope everyone takes this opportunity to enjoy more true freedom, joy and One-ness,   “Zippy”

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