Cancer new moon, BBC One, Raw Food blow-out sale, Yoga Body freebie, natural radiation protection and Abraham!



Here’s a stunning video clip from BBC One showcasing the wonders of Nature…


# 1 – Information on radiation and some natural forms of protection…

(If you haven’t checked out the line of Vibes Up visionary award-winning products, then you’re missing out on some fun, ingenious ways to off-set EMFs and radiation, while at the same time balancing and enlivening your body, food, water, and the environment. As Tony the tiger would say, “They’re ggrrreat!”  :-))

# 2 – And tying in with seaweed being a good natural source for radiation protection, Yoga Body Naturals is offering 10 sheets of Nori free with any order while supplies last.

# 3 – There’s a blow-out sale going on at Raw Food World on certain items like cashew butter, B-12 patches, rose floral water, and CocoMojo…

But the sale ends July 22nd or until stock runs out, so the sooner you visit the site, the better. Also check out the current at-cost specials and be sure to use discount code HONEYMOON for an extra 7% off, or join the TRFW Benefits Program for even greater discounts.

# 4 – Insights into the Cancer new moon & other astrological happenings…

Cancer New Moon: Become a Super-nova! by 

For the Fourth of July, I invited some friends over to view the annual “Big Bay Boom,” a spectacular annual fireworks display over the San Diego harbor. After our BBQ, we were enjoying a little salsa dancing before the show when we heard a loud boom. We rushed outside to witness what looked like an exploding super-nova: The sky was consumed by a pink, yellow and white ball of fire.

Stunned, we waited—and waited–for more. Later, we discovered that 17 minutes’ worth of pyrotechnics had launched all at once. Organizers blamed a computer glitch, yet the systems had tested perfectly just before the show.

It was a harmless enough occurrence, though an embarrassment for the organizers and a disappointment for the huge crowd who’d camped out on the bay to watch the display. But it got me thinking about how vulnerable we are to the vagaries of computers and other electronic devices upon which we rely so heavily.

Our communication systems are far more vulnerable than most of us imagine.Computers, cell phones and the Net are highly susceptible to such things as solar flares and geomagnetic storms (predicted to peak in 2013), viruses, the condition of undersea fiber optic cables, even cyber-warfare.

Now that we are within the zone of the breakthrough Uranus-Pluto square, we must be prepared for anything over the next three years. This is especially true when a faster-moving planet like activator Mars joins the fray. On July 4, at what’s now being called the “Big Bay Bust,” Mars had just entered Libra and was approaching an opposition to Uranus (technology) and square to Pluto (transformation). This volatile T-square becomes exact on July 17-18.

Here is a grand opportunity to become a super-nova and blast through the past.Things may happen suddenly or unexpectedly (like San Diego’s fireworks display!) as we throw off shackles and prepare to soar into a spectacularly liberating new phase of life. Yet, trickster Mercury also plays a role, as it did on July 4. At that time, Mercury had recently entered its unpredictable “shadow” period before it turns retrograde on July 14.

It may be a bumpy ride through early August as Mercury drives backward through the same territory it’s covered since late June. Now you get a chance to tie up loose ends, get clear on your heart’s desire (Mercury is in heart-centered Leo) and shake off doubts and fears so you can take powerful, deliberate action after August 7. Your thoughts carry extra weight during Mercury’s retrograde phase, so keep them positive and life-affirming.

The July 18 Cancer New Moon (9:24 p.m. PDT) evokes the nurturing power of the Mother, bestowing her blessings at the same time as the T-square ignites. Cancer’s message is to care for ourselves and others, to trust that the Great Mother is watching over us and we are safe. Cancer fosters the deeper heart-to-heart connection we are collectively moving toward, so gather close family and friends around you at this New Moon.

This is also a good time to contact your ancestors and gain their strength and aid. The ancestors (whether they are related to you by blood or not) are awaiting your call. Here is a ritual I created to help you connect with those you’ve loved on the other side.

Also, check out my latest Astro Feng Shui mini-video showcasing before-and-after photos of a friend’s home office, which she transformed just prior to the Cancer New Moon. Cancer corresponds to the Family gua (located in the middle of the left wall as you enter the front door), and is related to stability, financial and emotional security and family or domestic happiness.

Activating the Family gua at the Cancer New Moon is a powerful way to invoke for blessings. For help transforming your Family gua ($50), please contact me

# 5 – Some words of wisdom from Abraham…

“If you intend to be of assistance, your eye is not upon the trouble but upon the assistance, and that is quite different. When you are looking for a solution, you are feeling positive emotion— but when you are looking at a problem, you are feeling negative emotion.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff, including information about the free Future of Health Now series with 20 experts, including Dr. Daniel Amen, Rollin McCraty and Daphne Oz !

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