From Exhausted to Exhilarated, new moon, Mercury retrograde and other astrological happenings


# 1 – If you missed best-selling author Lisa Nichol’s recent call, here’s a chance to catch another free presentation… 

She had so much fun doing the first call, she’s decided to dive deeper into one of the biggest blocks to realizing your dream: exhaustion.  If you’re too exhausted to climb the mountain, how will you ever experience the view?

Exhaustion is deep and debilitating, and it’s much more a spiritual crisis than a physical one. Exactly what to do about it is the focus for her call From Exhausted to Exhilarated this Friday, July 20 at 1:00 pm Pacific time.

# 2 –  Mercury retrograde, a little more on the Cancer new moon, and other astrological happenings from

The New Moon in late Cancer taking place on Wednesday evening, July 18th, is a powerful one. For one thing this New Moon squares Saturn, slowing us down. In another quite significant and yet contrary development, a strongly aspected Mars has come into exact opposition toUranus – making for an exciting, lively and potentially accident-prone time. Meanwhile Jupiter is exactly parallel the Sun and also closely aspects Pluto, by quincunx, triggering the UranusPluto square of these summer skies that is still quite active, being currently less than a degree from exact. Then, too, Mercury has only just recently retrograded, and makes a quincunx aspect to Chiron, bringing a deeper meaning to the transformational tension of this timeframe, one that relates to inner wounding with regard to some important part of ourselves, and, ultimately, to healing in these crucial areas.

Uranus square Pluto, as I have been describing for many weeks now, represents first of all the sudden realization that strikes without warning, regarding some part of our lives that has become dysfunctional, and then a bold move to cut ourselves off from this sense of dysfunction by eliminating the problematic factor. When we do not take action, either through complacency or from fear of the unknown, then the forcefulness of the universe comes in to assist us in making healthier choices, although perhaps in a disruptive way that seems unkind or even cruel at the moment of the discontinuity. This is the so-called kick in the behind that pushes us over to what we eventually can see as what was truly needed. This could refer to job loss, removal of money or possessions, perhaps to relationship adjustment. Sometimes that which we love and refuse to part with must be nevertheless sacrificed. As columnist Cheryl Strayed puts it, “Go, even though he’s your best friend, and even though there is nowhere to go. … Go, because you want to.” Like it or not we must sometimes come to realize that this loss and subsequent rebirth is the beating heart of our time on planet Earth and of life unfolding.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon presages a warning: A storm in a canyon. The way for our salvation might be narrow at this time and results might come in a flood, faster than we can easily handle. It is good if we can to move with all due caution. There is, after all, simultaneously a slow-motion effect in these days of Mercuryretrograde and with Saturn strongly aspected in Libra. Also it might be that things will not go the way that we planned, might even come out 180 degrees the other direction. We are seemingly moving fast and strange, but if we can take a moment to reflect there is much wisdom to be found in the turning.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury went retrograde on the 14th for the next three weeks, all in the tropical sign of Leo. Although returning to direct motion on August 7th, it will be August 22nd before Mercury gets back to where it started when it began drifting backwards, thus escaping its “retrograde shadow.” This means that the usual symptoms of missed connections and mechanical and communication breakdowns might last through to the fourth week of August. The Mercury Retrograde period is a good time for reflection on where we are going and why, and obviously an excellent time for journaling or blogging about interior matters. Mercury aspects Saturn,VenusChiron and Uranus as it stations this evening, so that there is plenty of serious food for thought. Uranus and Pluto, triggered by the event, are still at the first peak of their square, so that we all continue to be feeling their symbolism of radical transformation and active rebellion against established norms. All our relations come into the picture in a poignant way and could bring up painful realizations, since Chiron andVenus are also involved in this configuration.

These are powerful times and the more that we can take the time to stop and think about our situation the better. We might not solve anything but it helps immensely when we can remain as aware as possible to everything that is going on around us, and within us, during this climactic year and decade.

# 3- An excerpt from one of Chellie Campbell’s great posts…

My daily prayer is “Thank you, God, for blessing me indeed, for enlarging my territory, for your hand always being with me, that I bring joy, light, love, peace, prosperity and happiness to all I meet, including myself.” (reworked from “The Prayer of Jabez”).

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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