Blue grass & bird, compassion in action, Neuro-Vision sale, Peter Diamandis video, astrology update and Abraham. Woo-hoo!


An informative, inspiring and expansive video with Peter Diamandis…



# 1 – Here’s something to make you smile, especially if you’re a lover of blue grass music and birds…

# 2 – An incredible story of what can happen when synchronicity, compassion, and following your heart come together…

# 3 – Neuro-Vision is having a Salute to Summer sale for the month of August….

You can get some free downloads, plus if you type “August” (no quotes) in the discount code box on check-out, you’ll get 15% off anything you purchase!

Here is a link to your free downloads:

# 4 – An astrology update from Chris Flisher…

MARS CONJUNCT SATURN: Accountability in Action

This month we will see Mars and Saturn coming together in the late degrees of Libra. How marvelously perfect is it that these two impressive orbs join forces at a time and place where the theme of equality is screaming to be heard? This is the great design of the universe; where all events align, as they should for the truth to arise. In no other time could such an important alignment be so relevant to the discourse of the world theatre.

As the United States bristles with the activity of two widely different approaches to our future we find ourselves with a clear set of choices. As extreme as the options are; it will become increasingly apparent which way we must turn. For too long we have followed a path that has led us deeper and deeper into fiscal, social, and political turmoil. Social programs which once protected the citizens of a great nation are slowly being whittled away by the short-sightedness of the few who retain and control the wealth of this country.

The irony of this limited view is that it will undoubtedly also herald the ending of those who seek to secure that pathway. After all, it is the roots that keep the tree nourished and healthy. If you ignore the roots, the top withers and dies. The oft-quoted phrase of “trickle-down” economy is actually trickle-up. Very little comes from the top down and the top cannot exist without the support of the root system. Ignore the root system and the tree will perish. Simple. This scenario will be playing out over the coming weeks as the obvious becomes even more so. Despite what we may think of our current situation, the facts support the idea that events would be much worse if we did not have in place the safety nets we currently have. We didn’t get into this mess overnight and we’ll likely not get out of it overnight.

As Mars, the great planet of action, aggression, ambition, and ultimately honesty; the co-ruler of the great pioneer Aries and the secretive Scorpio, comes into alignment with Saturn, the planet of accountability, transparency, responsibility and duty, we are witnesses to justice and truth. The fact that this alignment occurs under the watchful and balanced gaze of Libra sweetens the potential victory. Libra is the symbol of equality and truth. The scales of justice represent Libra and these must be balanced for progress to occur. This is Libra’s sole mission and contribution to the zodiac conversation. When fiery Mars joins in with duty-bound Saturn we can prepare for all of the aforementioned themes. Mars demands the truth and motivates, while Saturn will not settle for anything less. Finally, Libra brings diplomacy to the dialog.

It is no small irony that these themes present themselves when they are most needed. This is the simple logic of a complex universe. Honesty is one of Mars’ keywords. Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio so we can expect the themes of honesty and secrecy to be hot topics. Saturn demands accountability. As a result, the record of the past will come into focus at a most critical time. I am hoping you can read between the lines and understand what is meant by truth and transparency. In the end there will be no excuses left and no place to hide anything. The choices should be obvious to all who have the time and depth to research and understand the truth. We should not be lead down a path of deceit and be expected to swallow that cup of Kool Aid. Nor should we be distracted by a man behind a curtain pulling the levers of a machine that does not serve us.

How does this planetary alignment roll out in the US? How does it roll out in your individual chart? Where does the action take place? Which house in your chart has the action? A professional reading can be one of the most rewarding experiences.  Forward on your questions to me at and get a professional reading at Reading request.

# 5 – And some Abraham to end on…

“When you’re vibrating purely, you get only what’s a match to that. It’s your ambivalence: “I like that but I don’t like that… I like that but I don’t like that…” that keeps what you like and what you don’t like coming at you all the time. You don’t have to “turn the other cheek” when you are in vibrational harmony only with what you want. Then, only what you want comes.”— Abraham


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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