Awesome images, Mind Movies 3.0, ACE training, aloe vera, and astrological update


# 1 – Appreciating the beauty of our planet always makes the evolutionary process easier. Check out these images from photographer Patrick Latter…

# 2 – Mind Movies is launching the 3.0 version of their system for creating personalized “movies” that combine visualization, affirmation, music, subliminal messaging, and more into one dynamic “conscious creation kit.”

I used one of the earlier versions of the program to put together several movies, including this one:

Who knows what you’ll be able to create with Mind Movies 3.0!

# 3 – The Shift Network and Barbara Marx Hubbard are offering the ACE (Agents of Conscious Evolution) 12-week training again (I took ACE 2 and highly recommend this program). The series starts on 10/10 so sign up now, if you Spirit is prompting you to get involved. 

# 4 – Wow, this article provided me with some benefits and uses for aloe vera that I wasn’t already aware of…

# 5 – An astrological update from Chris Flisher…

Week of October 8th, 2012

The rich Libra Sun will be in a harmonious angle to the most auspicious and expansive planet of our neighborhood. Jupiter will be sitting comfortably in the middle degrees of Gemini and working together with the Sun to elevate the dialog to new highs. We can expect the talk to be lofty, grandiose and somewhat inflated. While the words may be flowing we have to ask ourselves how much of this hoopla is believable. This should be a good time to be discrete and analyze that what comes forth especially from the press. Not all talk has value and often times it can be quite cheap especially when it comes to slinging mud. Mud-throwing always leaves a stain that can be destructive. It may be important to hang on to that image when making decisions in a month or so.

How does this work for you?……see video  for extended forecast for planet.

And here’s Tami Brunk’s ( take on Saturn transiting into Scorpio…

Today Saturn moves into Scorpio after passing through the sign of Libra for 2 ½ years. When Saturn moves through a sign, humanity is maturing in that area, often through limitation, and greater awareness of what does NOT work, followed (we hope) by signs of growth and wisdom emerging by the end of the cycle.

This past year has featured an added dimension to the Libra maturation process, as Saturn has been within 6 degrees of Spica in the Virgin constellation from October of 2011 to this October.

Saturn’s movement through Libra conjunct Spica through much of 2012 suggests that the most vital area of growth for humanity at this Age Change is in the way we relate and bond with each other (Libra), influenced greatly by women and the feminine principal. This is because Spica, as the brightest star in the Virgin Constellation, has long been associated with women’s mystery and the Goddess.

A trend we are so deeply immersed in at present is the movement toward collaborative, cooperative culture, both socially and in the marketplace. The UN declared 2012 the International Year of Cooperatives. Here are a few examples of growing trends that point to collaborative business, technology, and social trends:

Trends and services like like couch surfing, growth in credit union membership and cooperatives of all sorts, new, city-wide models of car and bike sharing, goods and services swapping services like swap tree, skill sharing, neighborgoods, and many others; countless numbers of Open Source and collaborative internet platforms such as Wikipedia and fundraising groups like kickstarter and indiegogo point to a very profound movement toward cooperative culture.

Also look at phenomena like flash mobs, or the interest in growing the Gift Economy sparked by Charles Eisenstein. The overall phenomenon of collaborative consumption is articulated here marvelously by Rachel Botsman.

Now the Saturn in Libra cycle is over, which in my mind simply means that we have built good muscle in the new form of relationships that will serve a new way of being on Earth, and we will continue to build on these emerging foundations.

So what does it mean for Saturn to move into Scorpio? Well let’s consider again what Saturn has to do with. It represents the bones, or operating manual, for humanity at any given period of time.

Already,it is as though Saturn has had the Goddess whispering into his/her ear over the past year (Spica conjunction), again bringing feminine and Earth centered wisdom more firmly into the new emerging institutions and structures of our rapidly transforming human culture.

And what is Scorpio energy ultimately about? It is about the full access to, and organically aligned uses of life force energy, or Earth oriented power. It is about the full expression of human emotional and physical experience-going to the edge, or as my teacher says, going a little over the edge, so you can see where it is located.


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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