20 Free gifts, Abundant Results Workshop, Andrew Cohen on enlightenment, coconut oil wins again, Guy Finley, and Heart Fire Gateways


Wow, check this out! MindPowerMP3s is offering 20 free gifts, including e-books, meditation MP3s, music and more!


# 1 – Natalie Ledwell is giving away seats to her upcoming  Abundant Results Live Training Workshop where in 60  minutes she’ll teach you how to obtain greater health, wealth, love and freedom…

A highly sought-after speaker, best-selling author and host of the popular online TV show, The Inspiration Show, Natalie has already touched over a million lives worldwide. In her video, she also provides 2 tips to achieve  a higher abundance vibration so you can start having more of what you want in your life.

If you could use a little, or A LOT, more happiness, wealth  and love in your life, check out this free event!

# 2 – Andrew Cohen on evolutionary enlightenment…

Put Yourself in God’s Position

The whole idea behind Evolutionary Enlightenment is to become a liberated human being who is a real player in the life process. Because it is only in and through individuals who are real players—who have awakened to what an extraordinary privilege it is to be one of the luckiest people to have ever been born—that God, or the energy and intelligence that initiated the creative process, can actually do anything. If you put yourself in God’s position, you will see that you wouldn’t be able to create the future in and through a selfish, self-centered person who deeply experiences incarnation as a burden. There simply wouldn’t be any room for you in such an individual’s heart, mind, and soul. This is why our enlightenment—our development beyond ego—has become nothing less than an evolutionary imperative.—Andrew Cohen

# 3 – Another article where coconut oil comes out on top, this time for helping you absorb nutrients…


And using coconut oil for dental health…


(For more on the uses and benefits of coconut oil, check out my website page on the topic, and iHerb.com, my current favorite place for getting my current favorite coconut oil (Artisana…it’s raw, organic, extra virgin) at a discount. If you are a new customer and use code CJG192 and order $40 or more, you’ll get $10 off AND free shipping, plus a pick from their free samples and trial offers. How does it get any better than that?!)

# 4 – An article from Guy Finley that fits in perfectly with the fall season here in the US…


Key Lesson: The missing spiritual key — needed to forgive those who have hurt us — is found in our own awakening wish to be forgiven for having been deceived, and then seduced into believing there could ever be a valid reason for hating anyone.

The fall season, so full of autumn colors, tells the passage of one order of life surrendering itself so that another may take its place. This makes it a natural time for us to let go of any old resentment — to forgive those who may have hurt us — so that our heart, willingly emptied of the pain of the past has room within it for the arrival of a new order of joy and trust.

Learning to let go in this way honors life, because it is true to what Life needs in order to succeed within us and through us.

Fall is nature’s preparation for regeneration, and we too should use this time to release anything left hanging over — from the heartache of an unresolved relationship, to that argument with someone that still stings us each time we relive it. That past pain should be deliberately dropped now, shed like dried-out leaves to blow away in the winds of time.

The vital forces that oversee and enforce life’s ceaseless expansion and contraction, that ensure its fullness becomes emptiness in order to fill it again… they have no conflict with one other. Far from it: they complement each other by secretly serving to complete one another. And this knowledge can be our power because — with such wisdom in hand — we can let go knowing that whatever we will release will be returned to us in a whole new form.

(Excerpted from 365 Days to Let Go. For a free Welcome Kit from Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation, go to: http://www.guyfinley.com/Welcome/36/CD1414/0)

# 5 – And I love this image and text that was part of this week’s Heart Fire Gateways series of 42 e-mails…

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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