Yoga Body “garage sale,” qigong healingfest, Ascension 2012, astrology insights, visioning and Abraham


# 1 – Yoga Body Naturals is having a “garage sale” with 50% off certain items as long as they last, so if you’re interested you’d better act fast.

# 2 –  There’s a study that indicated that ONLY 1% of the population properly aligned could SHIFT the planet, and that’s what Darius Barazandeh is aiming to do with his You Wealth Revolution: Ascension 2012 new series.

Guests will include renowned astrologer Elizabeth Jones (love her!), Dr. Dain Heer, Rikka Zimmerman and Panache Desai. The event starts on 10/22 and over 91,000 people are joining in  from over 100 countries. And it’s free, so sign up now and be part of this evolutionary movement and shift in consciousness!

# 3 – An insightful video from Tom Lescher about a current astrological trend that may explain A LOT of what you’ve been experiencing lately. It takes a few minutes for him to get into the real meat of things, so just enjoy the scenery until then…

# 4 – This November Learning Strategies is bringing back their Spring Forest Healingfest, with Master Chunyi Lin, where you can learn qigong for free….

They hosted this series earlier in the year and it was such a big success they are offering it again. Sign up now so you don’t miss any of the upcoming training videos.

# 5 – Less doing, more “seeing” (envisioning) and BE-ing?

“Act a little less and think a little more… We’re not saying stop acting and do it all in mind. We’re saying work your 8 hours or your 10 hours or your 16 hours.. Just spend at least 10 or 15 minutes — in a day where you are working 8-10-16 hours of physical action in order to maintain the physical stuff that you’ve gathered around you — trying to find pleasure from some vision. Afford yourself that. And that 10 or 15 minutes that you are finding pleasure, will cause a focalization of Energy within you that the Universe will actualize around. You will begin to notice that you are more productive, because of 15 minutes of visualization, than you were from 16 hours of hard labor.”— Abraham

Want to really get into visioning and visualization? Check out my workbook Vision Writing: Composing & Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live and Mind Movies 3.0 technology that I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff, including information about Primal Stress!

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