First ever Healthy Mouth World Summit,Crack Your Egg, astrology update, releasing family programming, and Snax and Squeaks go swimming. What?!


There’s an abundance of free tele-seminar series these days, but here’s something a little different and that everyone can relate to because it has to do with teeth and oral/dental health. It’s the first ever Healthy Mouth World Summit and it’s being hosted by Will and Susan from Orawellness (love them!…I talked about their wonderful brushing blend in a previous post). This event will have something for everyone and will cover such topics as:

  • How to raise cavity free kids
  • What to do about dental issues like crowns, root canals, and mercury fillings (and the safest protocol for having them removed and detoxing the body)
  • The truth about mercury and fluoride
  • How to determine if a filling material is bio-compatible with your immune system
  • Foods to eat and not eat for optimal dental health
  • How to keep your teeth and your health for life

This is an opportunity to listen to solutions from 21 leading experts from six countries around the world in the fields of biological dentistry and oral health. Sign up now so you don’t miss out on this first ever free world dental health summit!


# 1 – Don’t forget Global Oneness Day on Oct. 24th…

Celebrate the day with 25 global leaders, including Ken Wilber, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Beckwith, don Miguel Ruiz, Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden. Get your complimentary pass for the full day of live events, plus all of the recordings, here.

# 2 – Looking for something beyond the usual LOA info, affirmations, etc.?

Crack Your Egg is offering 3 free videos and reports to help you let go of limiting beliefs, inner obstacles, and negative mental chatter and discover a little-known technique for opening the doors of your mind and getting you on the fast track toward abundance, health, and a passion for life. Find out what the “egg” is and how to crack it here.

# 3 – An insightful take on the current moon phase and astrological happenings from…

This First Quarter Moon takes place on Sunday evening, but in some ways the most significant event comes on the following afternoon, of Monday the 22nd, when the Sun makes its ingress (entrance) into Scorpio. Of course the exact square between the Sun and Moon taking place Sunday evening is also an important juncture, which seminal astrologer Dane Rudhyar referred to as a ‘crisis of action.’ The meaning of this phase is that whatever in the seeding period of the New Moon it is that we have conceived, this vision must now run up against serious obstacles and tests of viability in terms of practical real-world considerations. Interestingly, this theme of running up against life’s hard-and-fast practicalities is accentuated by the close Sun-Saturnconjunction that follows on the very next day.

The reason that the Monday evening event is so important is that at the time of the Sun’s entrance into Scorpio that strong blaze of conscious awareness conjoins conservative Saturn within 2 degrees, and from the standpoint of the same sign, while the Sun’s own trine with Neptune in the first degree of Pisces becomes very nearly exact. This in a major way accentuates the SaturnNeptune trine that we have been experiencing for several weeks now. Saturn withNeptune brings up illusion, deception and the possibility of self-deception, while also allowing for the potential of the miraculous to descend into earth-bound existence, making the spiritual real. These twin potentials obviously loom large in the macro view of the society as a whole as seen in recent days with its difficulties in telling fact from fiction all around the globe and within the American election cycle as it draws to its photo-finish conclusion.

In our individual lives as well we will want to ask ourselves the question of who’s zoomin’ who and how we might somehow be able to distinguish the wheat of true soul purpose from the chaff of mere fooling around, in whatever activity we find ourselves most fully engaged.

As the Sun makes its way into Scorpio, the sign of rebirth into deeper meaning, and as it trines Neptune andChiron both in Pisces, another water sign that refers to inner realities, the universe is indeed making an important gesture on your behalf. What this configuration is fundamentally saying is that you are being taken on an important voyage to your inner depths. It is there, and only there, that you will discover the intuitional reality that you so actively seek. These are powerful times for finding your own individual voice – as evidenced by Uranus in Aries also strongly aspected by SaturnChiron, and Jupiter – for that is the royal road to your own inner truth.

As we attempt to see through to their natural fruition the dreams that we began this lunar cycle enthusiastically believing, we must be prepared throughout this second phase for the heartbreak of coming down to the real. But that can also be the great blessing of this period of time as we modify our vision to account for the realities of our actual situation. There is one important key and that is integrity. When we keep faith with the surrounding cosmos it will keep faith with us, as long as we are making our most sincere effort.

# 4 – Rikka Zimmerman, a master at facilitating expanded consciousness and Self-awareness, is offering an 8-week series of calls on Unlocking Family Programming.

Oh my, is that something we probably all could use! It starts on Oct. 23rd, so sign up now if you’re interested.

# 5 – Need a lift? Watch this sweet little video about rescued ducks Snax, Squeaks and others get to swim for the very first time

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff, including information about Primal Stress!

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