Eat your apples, astrology & the election, The Prosperity Game, Henri on Halloween and more!


# 1 – Wow, no wonder they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away…

# 2 – Astrologer Chris Flisher shares his very interesting views on the upcoming Mercury retrograde, the presidential candidates’ charts, and the 2012 election…

The US Presidential election is right around the corner. As with all great cyclical events, astrology can shed a rather profound view on current events and themes. The current alignment of some of the most powerful planets in intriguingly profound signs can lead to very dramatic outcomes. This may truly be one of the most important elections within the last 100 years or more. With two wildly diverse agendas on the line, we can be certain about one thing; a large part of the populous will most likely be unhappy on November 7th.

One of the most important aspects of this particular election is the astrological component. On November 6th, Election Day, Mercury goes retrograde at the most critical time. Just as the tallies begin to gather and the polls begin to close, this planet that rules communication will go into reverse motion. This retrograde action spells mechanical failure, communication breakdowns and other statistical glitches. This means that we may not understand the outcome for some time. And even then, the results could be wrong. Before you pop your corks, you may want to wait and see what the weeks ahead bring. Mechanical issues and mishaps aside, we have a much more important divisions before us. Let’s look at the candidates:

Republican: Mitt Romney, born March 12, 1947 at 9:51 AM, Detroit, MI. This gives Mitt a Sun sign of 21 degrees Pisces (11th house), a Moon sign of 27 degrees Scorpio (6th house), Ascendant (rising sign) of 1 degree Gemini. From a quick, snapshot look we can see a man who is open and driven by words (Gemini), loyal and relentlessly secretive (Scorpio), and dreamer and chillingly evasive (Pisces). These are quick terms and I have tried to provide positive and negative traits equally.

Democrat: Barack Obama, born August 4, 1961, 7:24 PM, Honolulu, HI. This gives Barack a Sun sign of 12 degrees Leo (6th house), A Moon sign of 3 degrees Gemini (4th house), Ascendant (rising sign) of 18 degree Aquarius. A quick glance gives the following summation; A natural leader, stubborn (Leo), communicator, restless (Gemini), humanitarian, intractable (Aquarius). Similar signs in both candidates can be applied to each other as well. For example, the Gemini terms apply to both men.

The over-arching theme is about a basic human approach to life and living. One party believes that we should simply take care of ourselves. This “every man for himself” approach is based on the idea that only the strong survive. Another angle on this is, “I’ve got mine, no matter for yours.” Many believe (and rightfully so) that they have worked hard for their money and they are entitled to the privileges that come as a result. No one can fault that mindset. It is noble. However, it is narrow in its overall view since it doesn’t reach beyond the individual. Nonetheless, it is valid. Roads, schools, internet, and, highways are provided for the good of all. People who claim to be self-sufficient fail to recognize these as societal factors contributing to their success.

The other party sees a different view whereby the greater good of the populous lies in the hands of the collective populous. That view is more about, “we’re all in this together,” than anything else. This is a view that brings responsibility for the greater good down to the lowest common denominator. This view allows us to look at our society as one that is only as strong as the weakest link. While the aforementioned party believes that those who can’t provide for themselves should be forced to figure it out on their own. The rationale is that need will be the motive and that should be sufficient for survival. This is an easy argument to understand as well. Many people do draw on entitlements, but the majority draw funds out of necessity rather than laziness.

Where do the differences lie? Astrologically speaking and without bias, Romney talks loud and says little (Gemini/Pisces) while holding deep secrets (Scorpio). No surprises there. His debate performance showed a man unrefined in debate etiquette (Gemini, interruptions), and his lack of transparency with past taxes shows his secrets (Scorpio), while his inability to state the details comes from the lofty, dreamer, Pisces. On the other hand we have Obama as charismatic and entitled (Leo), overly complex with details (Gemini), and exhibiting all the signs of an aloof and humanitarian Aquarius. So what does this leave us?

Ultimately, the simple truth is found in the very basic human element of compassion. Empathy, compassion, charity, and kindness emanate from the view that brings us all together as one. When we operate as one we move as one. “Many hands make light work.” This is the voice of the humanitarian, whereas, the lofty dreamer shows little substance. In the end we are all on this giant swirling ball together. If we let our neighbors fall, they will also bring us down. It behooves us, not only morally, but financially, to share and share alike. This is a testimony of our ability to thrive as a species. And thrive we must.

These views are my own and substantiated by evolutionary astrology.

Astrology for the Week of November 5th 

We probably could not get a more confusing time to have an election than this current week. Mercury, the planet that rules communications, mass correspondence, and investigation will station retrograde just as people head off to the polls. Of course the founding fathers obviously didn’t take this into account when they set this date for a general election, but it is what it is. Mercury rules communication and when it goes into retrograde motion it wreaks havoc on all sorts of detail oriented things like ELECTIONS! Sheesh, what were they thinking? To make matters worse, this pesky little planet starts to have an impact roughly about a week before it turns its back, so we have a leading-up period that is also filled with confusion and mixed messages. Sound familiar? What election is not full of mixed messages? A ha! Maybe that’s why it happens now. So that Messages CAN get mixed up. I understand finally.

# 3 – Elyse Hope Killoran is unveiling the newest version of the Prosperity Game…

I haven’t checked out the revamped site, but have played the game several times in the past and look forward engaging the new version, which will feature:

~ Going on a daily “virtual spending spree” just for the fun of it and watch your “real-world” experiences with “money” transform
in response.

~ Receiving personalized checks and enjoy the fun of seeing checks
with your own name on them become grander and grander each

~ Focusing on “energetic alignment” by following a step-by-step
approach to game play that supports you in becoming a better
vibrational match to prosperity.

~ Gaining access to a wide range of audios, videos and advanced
consciousness technologies in the “Prosperity Resources” section.

If you have played before, you can click the “key” to sign in at and continue where you left off, as all information from your previous visits, your Gratitude Journal and your “100 Things to Be, Do and Have”
are waiting for you.

If you are new to the game (or if you want to send friends to
play the game), you will click on the “bell” to register
for the game at:

Finally, if you have played before and want to play again
(with a fresh, clean slate), sign in and then make the selection on
the left to cancel your account – at which point you can register
to begin the game all over again.

# 4 – For those of you not familiar with Henri, the now famous ennui-riddled French cat, here’s an introduction featuring his thoughts on Halloween…

And here’s one of Henri’s must-see earlier videos, if you haven’t seen it already:

# 5 – Love this!

“When you know that you are eternal, you can play your true role in time. When you know you are divine, you can become completely human. When you know you are one with God, you are free to become absolutely yourself, individual and holy and my child.”— Mother Meera (1960-, India)

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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