Astrology update, think miracles, food for thought, Illusion to Illumination, Healthy Homesteader, avocados, and Abraham


# 1- Your instructions for the rest of your life?

# 2 – Stimulating and thought-provoking…

# 3 – The next installment of the Illusion to Illumination Summit series is coming…

This time the focus will be how to change your reality so you have more JOY in your life, and exploring how much of your business, money, and relationships would expand if you start to enjoy YOU. The series will feature 21 of the top facilitators in Access Consciousness, including Gary Douglas.

The live interviews happen every Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from January 27March 11, 2013. You can listen to the live interviews, or access a free online replay of each interview up to 48 hours after the original broadcast. Sign up now so you don’t miss any presentations!

# 4 – Another event starting on Jan. 27th is Tera Werner’s Healthy Homesteader program….

Tera’s Healthy Homesteader is a 32-week on-line course designed to help you live and eat better for less and to create more affordable and sustainable solutions to the standard grocery store options. Check out what’s included in the course outline, and if you’re feeling like you’d like to have smaller grocery bills, healthier food, and more sustainable lifestyle solutions, then sign up now.

# 5 – Pass the guacamole! Some information about avocados, their many benefits, and how to skin them so you get the most nutrients…

# 6 – An astrology update from Chris Flisher (….

Week of January 21, 2013

As the Sun and Mercury move through Aquarius, the connection to Jupiter in Gemini becomes more important simply because it combines the like energy of fellow air signs. Aquarius and Gemini operate within the cerebral realm and raise the conversation to all things intellectual. With Aquarius as the predominant sign we can expect larger, humanitarian ideals to come forth, especially as a big bold Leo Full Moon appears lighting the sky late in the week. Responsibility and duty remain important global themes as Saturn holds our deeds and goals to the highest point while in the deeply intense sign of Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio brings out secrets and flushes away that which is tawdry and illegal. Fixed signs such as Scorpio and Aquarius have little room for flexibility so we can expect the terms to be strict between Saturn and the Sun and Mercury.

How does this work for you?……see video for extended forecast for planet.

# 7 – Now, for some “bad” news :-)….

“The only problem with leaving and going someplace else is that you take yourself with you. You take your vibrational habits and patterns with you.“— Abraham


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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    1. I appreciate the appreciation, Marcy! Finding out that someone has found something I write about supportive and/or helpful in some way is what makes the time and effort I put into creating the posts worthwhile. :-)

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