Intimacy, dancewalk, Iceland’s financial lessons, Bolivia, Neale Donald Walsch, and Abraham


# 1 – A stimulating, thought-provoking video on intimacy from Access Consciousness facilitator Dr. Dain Heer…

# 2- Why walk when you can dance?!

# 3 – The US might do well to take a few lessons from Iceland…

# 4 – Another country we could be learning from…

# 5 – Neale Donald Walsch is inviting people to a no-cost global online event he’s offering on Thursday, February 7th, titled The One Secret You’ve Been Searching for Your Entire Life….

You can register here:
The One Secret You’ve Been Searching for Your Entire Life

# 6 – And some Abraham to end on…

“But, what if what I want and what you want are in conflict? If I want rain, and you’ve just cut your alfalfa…how does that work?” If you will focus upon the essence of what you want (which is a magnificent new crop) and the other will focus upon the essence of what they want (which is a successful alfalfa harvest, or whatever)… and if either one of you doesn’t get too involved in the details of how you think you want your desire to play out, then both of you can be satisfied. The Universe has the facility to orchestrate circumstances and events to accommodate everyone.— Abraham


Enjoy, “Zippy” And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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