Buy organic,Yosemite, the value of one, dental health, and Abraham


# 1 – Boy, talk about a picture being worth a 1000 words! Watch this short video about a young girl’s science project…

# 2 – Soul food! Want to visit Yosemite the easy way? Here’s a great video w/ mesmerizing images and music…

# 3 – One is all it takes to get something good started…

# 4 – An interesting article about new dental procedures and ways to improve dental health, including brushing only with baking soda at night…

# 5 – And don’t forget the Tapping (EFT) World Summit, mentioned in a previous post (1/16), is about to start. Sign up now so you don’t miss any of the presentations. 

As a lead-in to the summit The Tapping Solution is offering this insightful video that features a clearing session done with best-selling author Louise Hay.

# 6 – And some stimulation from Abraham…

“Unless you do something about your vibrational countenance, nothing can change. Nothing long term will change, that’s certain… Haven’t you noticed that a new disease pops up, and humanity finds the cure, only to find another disease popping up? Don’t you think it’s interesting that you don’t get to the end of those diseases? The reason you don’t, is because you have not yet come to the end of pushing against things.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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