Aries new moon, eco-friendly plastic, what a moth, free video series, and Abraham



# 1 – I got so excited when I read this article! More good news about eco-friendly products coming forward…

# 2 – Wow! This looks like an insignia from a Starship or something, but it’s actually a Brahmeid Moth. They are able to neutralize plant toxis produced by Ligustrum. Isn’t Mother Nature awesome?


# 3 – Access Consciousness facilitator and Illusion to Illumination host Nilofer Safdar is offering a free 3-part video series titled How to Generate and Create Money Flows in Your Business. You can find out more here.

# 4 –’s take on the Aries new moon and other configurations. Love the Sabian symbol analogy at the end…

The New Moon in late Aries, taking place early on Wednesday morning, is a special one. It is accompanied by a triple conjunction of MarsVenus and the new planet, Eris, making a total of six planets in Aries counting Sun and Moon, since Uranus also resides at the 10th degree of Aries in forming square with Pluto. The new dwarf planet, Eris, is a feminine warrior energy, and so is quite a fitting accompaniment for Mars and Venus in conjunction only a few degrees away. We therefore have a distinct focus on relationship now, and a coming together of masculine and feminine elements in pursuit of better connections, both romantic and non-romantic, between us all. Justly is it said that we need each other in order that we begin, as a culture, to truly shine.

With a focus on relationship at the center of this New Moon, the entire lunar cycle that begins with this configuration is colored by it, so that the remainder of April and into May could be termed a “relationship month.” We might want to ask ourselves where we could do more to connect over to the other side of our own particular gender; where as masculine players we might try to adopt a softer approach, and where, as softer more feminine beings of either physical gender, we might — in connection with the masculine — employ more assertive techniques and state our actual needs. In this way we could find ourselves better able to connect with friends, and with partners, and with perhaps neglected parts of ourselves.

It was the amazing psychologist and philosopher C. G. Jung who first formulated that all persons of a typical gender, such as the masculine, contained within themselves an opposite gender part that was desperately craving to be recognized and accepted as a valid piece of the intriguing puzzle of one’s deeper nature. In a man, he termed this the Anima, or feminine soul within, and in a woman, the Animus. These disinherited parts are very commonly projected onto a partner, and the astrology of an individual chart gives insight as to their hidden qualities, and the likely characteristics of the person to whom that individual would be attracted. But it is better yet when these choices are more conscious, and when an integration can take place between these various parts.

We get an interesting picture of this when we examine the Sabian symbols for the Sun and Moon, in contrast with the symbols for Venus and Mars. For the New Moon, “A pugilist entering the ring” — a very masculine image — while for the others “A woman in pastel colors carrying a valuable load” and “An open window, a net curtain, blowing into a cornucopia,” which Marc Edmond Jones refers to as “joyful realization” and “an irrepressible genius for capturing the richer rewards of life.” Together these could signify the enhanced possibilities of an integration between the masculine and feminine sides of our natures.

With Mercury still in Pisces, and in aspect to both Mars and Venus at the time of this New Moon configuration, it is thus an excellent time to continue observing all that we do with regard to our relationship partners. We might be able to catch ourselves in the act of habitual patterns that have outlived their usefulness, or perhaps give each other a break at a moment when we had been about to deny one.

Want a more poetic take on the Aries energies at play?

# 5 – I’ve used this quote from Abraham before, but it’s one of my favorites and a good one to keep in mind, so here we go again…

“Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating you are planning…What are you planning?”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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