“Bucky Knows Best”…again, community, EMFs, oil cleanse, oil pulling, Parenting With Presence, and Abraham


# 1 – A few days ago I put together a post that featured a quote from Buckminster Fuller and tagged the tip “Bucky Knows Best.” I guess that would make this “Bucky Knows Best: Part Deux.” :-)

# 2 – The importance of community in the evolutionary process (this ties in nicely with Tip # 1 :-))…

When you break up the individuals from a community into individual units, they become disempowered because it’s the collective consciousness and the collective energy of the group from which power comes. The principal driving force that lies before us, is that we have to recognize the nature of community as the evolutionary step that we just took a step backwards from in the last century” ~Bruce Lipton quoted from his appearance on Healing With The Masters

We can’t do this by ourselves. Evolution is not a solo journey. It is essential to do it in community.” ~ Hope Fitzgerald

# 3 – Check out some of my most popular posts at my new blog Self-help Health

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Fat Flush Water

# 4 – The Shift Network is sponsoring a free event many of you may be interested in…

It’s the Parenting With Presence Summit, hosted by Susan Stiffelman, the author of Parenting without Power Struggles and parenting columnist for the Huffington Post. This special event features more than 20 of the world’s leading parenting experts and thought-leaders—exploring how to grow as a parent and raise more joyful, resilient and authentic children.

This free event takes place online, June 4th – 7th, so you can listen from the comfort of your home. When you register you’ll have access to profound conversations as Susan connects with Marianne Williamson, Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, don Miguel Ruiz, John Gray, Gary Zukav, Marci Shimoff, Congressman Tim Ryan and many more.

No matter what your relationship is with the children in your life, this summit will provide you with information that should have come in the “owner’s manual” that you wish accompanied every child—but doesn’t! Get all the details here.

# 5- I’ve always thought it isn’t good to get too caught up in the gender thing or being male or female. Seems to often polarize people, instead of create a sense of Oneness. We are all composed of both male and female energies. Here’s Abe’s take on things…

“Gender identity” is inconsequential from an Energy standpoint. In other words, when we view anything that is physical, we see the Energy of it, and we note that the Energy of what you call male and female is equal in all things.—Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to stop by my “What’s New” page and Self-help Health blog for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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