100/0 Principle, born again, perception, re-mineralize yourself, Healing Rhythms, and Abraham on suffering


# 1 – A great little video with a BIG message that could change your life….and the world.


# 2 – And this ties in nicely with Tip #1…



# 1 – Here’s an event starting June 16th you may be interested in….

Are you having problems with cavities and dental issues, fibromyalgia, insomnia, and/or hormonal imbalances? You may be low on minerals! Join the 6 week Remineralize Your Body program and get stronger! Six weeks can be all it takes to restore your energy, balance your hormones, and bring back your radiant natural beauty glow.

Are you concerned about heart disease or osteoporosis? Balancing your minerals is one of the best ways to prevent and avoid these conditions. Join the remineralization program and learn secrets from ancient cultures and modern science to get you feeling fabulous again. During the program you won’t just be given the recipes and information, you’ll also receive support in applying the information every step of the way so you end up getting the results you’re looking for. Find out more.

# 2 – Something to consider….


# 3 – A great video clip from Abraham on why we suffer…


# 4 – A free series sponsored by Wild Divine that I just found out about; sounds like a great resource to take advantage of….

It starts June 10th (today!) and is titled 15-Step Healing Rhythms, and will feature Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Dean Ornish and many others in the alternative health field.

With each step you’ll receive an inspiration and two guided practices, and one-on-one training with the masters in the field. Learn breathing and mindfulness techniques that will help you to quiet your mind, release physical tension and enrich the most important relationships in your life. Together with Healing Rhythms beautifully interactive 15-Step program you will learn the tools to build a happy mind and a more balanced lifestyle.
You can sign up here:


And don’t forget the Spring Forest Qigong Healingfest, mentioned in a previous post, is starting today, too.

When you get your Free Pass today, you can listen to 10 professionally produced audio sessions (all up to 30 minutes long) and watch two video sessions (about 60 minutes) absolutely free. It is designed to help you learn the art of self-healing so that you can immediately feel better, have much more energy, and be happy. You can sign up here.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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