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# 1 – Something to keep in mind…

# 2 –  If you have a friend or family member affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia, then please take the time to read this recent post on turmeric from my Self-help Health blog (and be sure to pass along the link to others who might benefit)…

# 3 – For 3 days (June 28th-30th) you will be able to access the videos from David Wolfe’s recent Longevity Now Conference free of charge by signing up here…

# 4 – Feeling the need for some detoxification and cleansing? Here’s an invite from Tera Werner about an upcoming program you may want to check out…

Whether you are staying up until the weee hours enjoying the recent summer solstice or you are snuggling up by a cozy fire for the first days of winter, a change of season is a great time for a cleanse.  Our Deep Tissue Detox, stating June 30th, will give you all the guidance and information you need to take a serious, 18-week journey to health and wellness.

This isn’t for the faint of heart. Tera teamed up with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo and re-worked the previous detox programs from 6 weeks, to 90 days, and now it takes 18 weeks – 10 weeks of preparation and then a full 8 weeks on the detox. The build up and educational component are critical to your successWe want to be gentle on our bodies but we also want to reach down to every last glorious cell.

(Registration closes June 29th)

 # 5 – The World Puja Network is sponsoring an event with Blossom Benedict titled  Ending The War With Your Body

The six week teleseminar begins with a FREE call on Wednesday and will be packed with tools and techniques to create more ease and joy with your body and health. Blossom will be providing a live teleclass each week for six weeks and will be sending the MP3 of the call with written and recorded tools for you to use anytime.
Cost of the teleseminar is only $129 for all six weeks. You can go here for more information about her amazing teleseminar and to sign up for the free call.

# 6 – An astrology update about Jupiter, Mercury retrograde and more, contributed by Hillory Skott and taken from Karen and Salma’s Unbounded Potential newsletter….

June 24-30, 2013 Astrological Forecast
Generous Jupiter shifts into nurturing Cancer for the next year.
Clever Mercury moves backward for the next three weeks
creating mix-ups and visits from the past. And, Venus, ruler
of what we value, is moving into flashy Leo this week too.
That is a lot of new energy to assimilate. Jupiter encourages
our joyful expansion – good things are on the horizon.
Tuesday evening Jupiter makes its move from Gemini in to
Cancer-a very different energy indeed. It takes Jupiter 12 years
to travel all the signs of the zodiac. So to get an idea how Jupiter
in Cancer will affect you think back to the last time it travelled
in Cancer, 12 years ago. Jupiter bestows blessings. It expands
our horizons, and often our resources. It can have a less fortunate
result too, if you are prone to excess, gambling, risking, or indulging.
But a careful eye on your choices should keep any negative
side-effects in check. With Jupiter in Cancer the themes of home
and family will come into focus. Perhaps you will add to your family,
or expand your home. Maybe you will find new ways to make
yourself feel more secure. You might find you have an expanded
sense of feeling and emotion. Cancer is a cardinal boss sign.
It likes to be in charge. Take action and go after what you want
and you will likely find yourself very lucky indeed. You have a
whole year to embrace this new expanded part of your life.
Wednesday communicator Mercury is doing the every three
months for three weeks backward slide, referred to as Mercury
retrograde. This is a time to take it slow. Anything to do with
communication needs to be closely observed. It’s not a great
time to move forward, better to review things. There are often
travel and transportation snafus, so expect delays and factor
in extra travel time. When any planet retrogrades it calls us
within. We become more contemplative and thoughtful in
the areas ruled by the planet retrograding. Since mercury is
the ruler of all the things that help us to connect with each
other, it is these areas of our lives that are affected. A wonderful rule
of thumb is to do all the “re words” when mercury is retrograde:
review, rethink, recommit, regain, rest, and relax.
The last notable planetary event this week is fair Venus moving
into fun loving Leo until July 22. It is a fine time for romance.
Grand and splashy shows of Love and affection are Leo’s style.
Venus is all about love and beauty, peace and values. Kingly Leo
has lavish tastes so now would be a good time to go overboard.
If over the top is going to break the bank, then find little creative
ways to show how much you care. Be careful not to overspend
as your tastes will be more lavish than usual. When Venus moves
into Virgo in July you will regret being a big spender. Another
great use of this energy is to express yourself creatively. Who
you really are can shine a little brighter with any planet in Leo-
so shine your lovely self out into the world and add your unique
light to the planet.
This is a busy week energetically. You will be assimilating many
new energies so be sure to keep your eyes open. Move forward
only when you are certain that your foundation is solid. Wait, if
you can, until the end of July to sign any contracts, purchase
electronics or transportation. This is a time of review, so enjoy
the process. The planets are constantly in motion helping us to
unfold into who we came here to be. Focus optimistically in the
moment and you will be creating the best life possible for yourself
and all those in your personal orbit. 

# 7 – And some insight from Abraham…

Resistance is about believing that you are vulnerable or susceptible to something not wanted and holding a stance of protection — which only holds you in a place of not letting in the Well-being that would be there otherwise. There is nothing big enough to protect you from unwanted things, and there are no unwanted things big enough to get into your experience.—Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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