Self-judgment, Mother Nature, Sam Simon, Big Shifts, blessing, visioning, and Abraham


# 1 –

“WE DON’T HAVE TO ACTUALLY “WORK” AT doing anything—like following specific rituals or dogma—to stay in touch with our magnificence. We can if we want to, if it brings us pleasure to do so, but it’s not a requirement. Simply by following our internal guidance, we find what’s right for us, including the methodology we use to look for it. We know we’re on the right track when we feel ourselves at the center of our love without judgment of ourselves or others, and we recognize our true magnificence within the infinite Whole.” ~ Anita Moorjani from Dying To Be Me

# 2 –  Ah, Mother Nature….Glacier National Park in Montana


# 3 – As an animal lover and a longtime fan of The Simpsons, I found this story about Sam Simon inspiring and gratifying….

# 4 – An excerpt from Gregg Braden’s Secrets FromThe Lost Mode of Prayer

Blessing Defined

“Blessing may be defined as a quality of thought/feeling/emotion that allows us to redefine our feelings about something that’s hurting us now or has hurt us in the past. Stated another way, blessing something is the ‘lubricant’ that frees our hurtful emotions, opening us up to greater healing, rather than keeping our emotions stuck and unresolved within the body. To lubricate our emotions, we must acknowledge (bless) all aspects of those hurtful things: such as those who suffer, the cause of the suffering, and those who witness the outcome.

“I often find at this point in any discussion of what blessing is that it’s important to be very clear about what it is not. When we bless someone who’s hurt us, clearly we aren’t suggesting that what has happened is okay or that we’d like it to happen again. Blessing doesn’t condone or make excuses for any atrocity or act of suffering. It doesn’t put a stamp of approval on a hurtful event, or suggest that we would ever choose to re-experience it.

“What blessing does do is free us from our painful experiences. It acknowledges that those events, whatever they were, have occurred. When we do so, our feelings about those experiences move through our bodies instead of getting stuck inside them. In this way, blessing is the key to reaching Rumi’s field beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing. Blessing is the key to accessing the space between. It temporarily suspends our hurt long enough so that we can replace it with another feeling.” Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, pages 100-101, Gregg Braden

# 5 – This Big Shifts 21 Day Adventure just started a few days ago, so it may be that you can still get in on what you’ve missed and what’s to come. I like the part that says “Change is merely a shift in energy, a doorway to something more than you’ve ever been before.”

# 6 – Short and sweet from Abraham…

You are the vibrational writers of the script of your life, and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part that you have assigned to them.—Abraham

And speaking of writing the script for your life, my workbook Vision Writing: Composing & Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live is an ideal format to use for literally doing that very thing! And check out my blog’s Visioning page for more about the many benefits that come from writing a vision.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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15 Replies to “Self-judgment, Mother Nature, Sam Simon, Big Shifts, blessing, visioning, and Abraham”

  1. Not to bore you with physics, but this is how it works…. A photon cannot be emitted randomly, for an atom to emit a photon the destination must also be determined. And so if you are looking at a star ten thousand light years away, way before you were even born, the star emitted the photons to be received by your eyes. This is linear and non linear time. In non linear time everything that ever was, is or ever will be exists simultaneously. This was implied by Einsteins work.

    Abraham-Hicks said that an idea cannot be formed unless the solution already exists.

    Do you see it?

  2. Because of the way the universe is, you cannot conceive of a problem unless the solution exists also. When you contemplate a problem this guarantees the existence of a solution! No problem can be conceived of unless the solution already exists. It is much like light, built into the fabric of existence! ;)

  3. Also consider the concept of emergence. From this entirely new levels of order seem to organize themselves while they are not implied from the underlying principles. The universe is evolving in ways that the universe cannot even foresee. God is not perfection in this sense is he/she?

    1. Maybe what makes everything perfect is that it is all springing from a source/The Source that is perfect? Hmmm, this has been a stimulating Saturday and it’s still fairly early here. :-)

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