World peace, Edwene Gaines, Peace Transmission, Eckhart Tolle, Self-help Health, and compassion meditation


It’s as simple as that….


# 1 –  In keeping with the pick of the day and the theme of creating world peace, here’s an invitation from Children of the Sun to participate in a global event…

Synchronized Peace Transmission for Syria and Egypt

Together, we are anchoring a Grid of Peace
August 15: 11 am until 12 noon New York time
August 18: 11 am until 12 noon New York time

If you cannot make this specific time, please do it when you can. 


This is a one hour transmission occurring at the same time that James Twyman’s Peace Concert is taking place for Syria and Egypt. Many people from around the world are joining the delegation team by simultaneously sending transforming energy.

This synchronized transmission will include calls for Divine Intervention, the building of a morphogenic field, opening a portal of light and then concluding with unified Quantum Prayer. We are connecting as one and guided by Children of the Sun facilitators, Gary Gottselig and Leslie Moore, through a pre-recorded Conference Call.

 It can be done in the comfort of your home or other sacred space.


# 2 – If you are new to Edwene Gaines and need a prosperity shot in the arm, then this is your lucky day….

This is a long video, but well worth the watch. I saw Edwene in person a number of years ago and she’s better than ever. She is wonderful at being informative, spiritually inspiring, stimulating, irreverant, entertaining and humorous all at the same time….

# 3 – 

# 4 – If you haven’t checked out my Self-help Health blog, now’s the time to do so. Here are some of the most viewed posts….

# 5 – A video meditation on compassion from Wild Divine….


Enjoy your weekend, “Zippy”

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