Increase Your Productivity & Everyone Wins!

This is sort of a special edition post. Had not planned on doing anything for today, but just got this e-mail from the folks at EvolutionEzine and wanted to support the cause, plus let you all in on this win-win-win situation. BTW, I’m listening to the music right now….as I energetically and productively type this. :-) My fingers are mamboing (oops, I think it’s a salsa now) across the keyboard…no glass of sangria in hand, but that’s not because it doesn’t sound appealing.

Anyway, here’s the invite/special offer from EvolutionEzine/MindPowerMP3s….


This album can make you happy in 3 ways:

1. The brainwave entrainment

Listening upon awakening will really get things moving and help you be more productive in whatever you do. It will also prime the brain for high level functioning.

Frequencies: 3 Binaural beats, 1 isochronic tone on 3 carrier waves.

18 Hz, 15 Hz, 12 Hz, 1.8 Hz, 1.2 Hz and 1 Hz

2. The Music

A fun, sexy and mood enhancing mix of latin music. (That’s the first time we’ve ever called a Super Mind Music album sexy!)

3. You can make a difference…

A few week’s ago we learned about a group of college students who visited a village in Ghana while studying abroad.

They were very moved by what they saw, and decided to make a difference.

They’ve since formed a charity called, to help build a school for the village children, and just need $7000 more to finish it.

When they’ve raised the money, they hope to start on other projects to help the local people.

‘We specifically choose projects that will have a lasting impact. For a example, a school will not directly pull anyone out of poverty, rather an education will give them an opportunity to pull themselves out. Essentially we are helping people to help themselves.’ Learn more

Not only are they smart, they’ve been dedicating their time, 100% free.

So we decided to help them.

Listen to it here:

Once you’ve heard Latin Rhythmsclick this link and you’ll get the option to download the album for just $3.

If you can afford more, every dollar helps…

100% of the money we receive goes to the charity.

100% of the money they receive goes towards the school.

…and if we can raise at least $6000 – Evolution Ezine and Mind Power Mp3 will donate $1000 too :)

Free Listen (34 minutes long)

Grab your headphones.

Grab a glass of Sangria.


Listen  here:

Click here to purchase the album for just $3 or more

Thank you, EvolutionEzine Team


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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