There’s only NOW, good cop/good dog, out with polarity, meditation for health, and Abraham


# 1 –


# 2 – Oh, this is a great (and very short) story of compassion…..


# 3 – Love it! Down with polarity, down with “us vs them” mentality; up with conscious evolution!


# 4 – The Shift Network is sponsoring another free event….

Dr. Dacher’s teleseminar titled: Meditation for Integral Health: The Five Foundations of a Spiritual Practice that Transforms, happens Wednesday, August 21st at 5:30pm Pacific time.  It will be recorded so if you cannot make that time, register anyway, and you’ll be provided access to the recorded replay.

During the presentation, you will discover tools and techniques to:

·       Integrate mindfulness and meditation into your daily life

·       Help you access greater love and compassion

·       Calm your mind and dramatically reduce your stress

·       Rest in the stillness and peace of the non-distracted mind

·       Access “higher” non-dual states of consciousness

Register now (it’s free)


# 5 – Ah, remember this and life gets easier…

Appreciation and self-love are the most important tools that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others, and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we’ve ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe.—Abraham

BTW, I appreciate all the insights and support Abraham shares! :-)


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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