True abundance, meditation for weight loss, the 3 Cs, plant talent show, and Abraham



# 1 – Here’s something I found out about via Lucas at Yoga Body Naturals…..

Jon Gabriel and Carol Look are leading a 21-Day Meditation Challenge. It’s free to join, and you’ll get sent a daily, 10-minute meditation to your inbox.

According to Jon, mental and emotional stresses can trigger a fat-storage response even more so than diet…
and this explains why so many people today, who are committed to losing weight with traditional diet and exercise programs, ultimately fail.  As Jon says: “If you don’t deal with the mental and emotional
stresses in your life, 80% of the problem has been left unresolved.” That’s why diets don’t work long term.
And this is why meditation can be a huge breakthrough when it comes to weight loss.

If this is your first introduction to meditation, I can’t think of a simpler, more effective way to begin managing
your stress, cultivating inner peace, and developing a practice that could serve you for life. Lucas says that even if you’re not looking to lose weight, he’s heard 5 of these meditations already, and they are fantastic for stress relief, something everyone can probably use more of.

Sign up here:
21-Day Meditation for Weight Loss Challenge (no cost, invite)

# 2 – The three “Cs” of an expansive life…

Actually, isn’t life always changing, whether we want it to or not? It’s just that when we take chances and make choices we are consciously participating in and creating the types of changes we want.

# 3 – For you Nature lovers out there, this is an interesting and fascinating read about how amazing Mother Nature can be…

# 4 – And some Abraham to end on…

Most think in terms of thought affecting the world: You think about transmitting outward: “I’m going to affect the world from my outgoing signal.” That isn’t the way it works. You affect the world by achieving the vibration that brings the signals to you. You create a nucleus that Universe has to respond around. That is how you are the creator.—Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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