Eckhart Tolle & Barnet Bain, feeling good, lucky dog, expecting/deserving, astrology update, and Healthy Money Summit



# 1 – There’s an interesting interview with Eckhart Tolle and Barnet Bain featured in a recent issue of Om Magazine. Here’s what Bain had to say when asked what mindfulness meant to him…. Barnet Bain:

Mindfulness is developing an awareness of the thoughts that move through and feelings that we move through without getting drawn into the meanings or being drawn into taking action or getting sucked into the story… and then like house guests, eventually they all leave. One thing that mindfulness practice does is it allows us to pay attention to all the thoughts and all the feelings that wander through our awareness and we become more attuned to being a container for those things and less identified with them.

So now we begin to have a relationship with all our structured imaginings and in doing so, life begins to take on, from my perspective, a more enchanted, more dreamy experience. What is possible for us begins to expand because we are not so rigidly contained by the way that our thoughts and imaginations have been structured. Mindfulness has never been more important considering how quickly the events of the world move in such an accelerated, such a frantic time. We are battered around like a cat with a toy. Our attention goes from here, to the next thing, to the next thing and we’re triggered from one response of fear, to another one of connection, to the threat of loss. It’s just constantly, constantly in play in ways that 15, 20, 30 years ago didn’t exist because things moved at such a different cadence. And so it is more critical than ever if you believe, as we do that our experience of reality is the result of the magical alchemy of the creation of our thoughts, our beliefs, our decisions, our attitudes, our feelings.

All of these are, for the most part, unconscious. Mindfulness allows us to watch these thoughts and choices and decisions without being triggered and having to take action and give meaning. And so suddenly we are able to see beyond the waterline to see the iceberg. We are seeing with x-ray glasses, the ability to see what is below the surface of the way we do life.

You can read the full article here:

# 2 – And Abraham’s got the right idea…

# 3 – Nothing like a great animal story, at least for me, to restore my faith in humanity and make the evolutionary process easier…

# 4 – 

# 5 – A potent time, indeed, astrologically speaking! Here are two excerpts from Henry Seltzer’s update (from….

Saturday afternoon’s Last Quarter Moon puts us in a reflective mode, in keeping with this final quarterly phase of the lunar cycle, during which we attempt to assess who we are, and where headed, from the standpoint of recent experience. This is also in chime with the Mercury Retrograde period that we have been in since last Monday, another cosmic factor drawing us toward the inside. We stand at the midpoint of two eclipses, with the next, a powerful Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, to come on Sunday, November 3rd. We might therefore at this crux of time be able to look more deeply into both our situation and also ourselves…..

Uranus and Pluto are also drawing very close to their square aspect with each other, now a week away. Only a quarter of a degree separates them from their perfect collision, revolutionary in its import, as we near this fourth of seven exact hits. They also align at this time with Chiron in Pisces, which could be seen as the fear of the radical changes that we all can feel looming on our psychic horizons. We know that we are going through something big; and we even know that this transformation is for our ultimate benefit, yet we would still sometimes rather stay dysfunctional and avoid the challenge of the unknown. It is vital during this period of illusion and confusion, of wonder and of fear, that we do not freeze up like a deer in the headlights, refusing to move. It is important that we remain flexible.

To read the full update go to:

# 6 – And The Shift Network is sponsoring two free events. I think I have mentioned this first one before, but if you haven’t signed up, now’s your chance. If you miss the live event today, there should be a replay you can catch later….

The first is a special call event titled From Personal to Planetary Peacehappening today, with one of the world’s leading peacebuilders, James O’Dea. Find out how we can apply the latest breakthroughs from neuroscience to international peacebuilding to building peace from the personal to planetary.

James O’Dea has been at the forefront of the practice of peace, including time as Director of Amnesty International DC and president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He’s engaged frontline social healing dialogues with Israelis and Palestinians, worked with Rwandan genocide survivors and learned the subtler arts of peace from the Kogi people of Columbia. He’s one of the wisest and best-trained peace ambassadors on the planet.  And he’s connected all of this work to the personal practice of peace in his recent award-winning book Cultivating Peace.

If you are committed to spreading more peace in the world, beginning with yourself, please click here to learn more and register for this important teleseminar.

And the second event from Shift Network is the Healthy Money Summit….

If you’re like most people, there’s at least one area of your relationship with your finances where you feel challenged. The good news is… money can also be a source of authentic empowerment and a tool for growth and connection. You can transform your unhealthy patterns around finances into positive, effective and sustainable practices.

Join 24+ of the world’s leading experts in the fields of finance, economics, psychology and spirituality who will be featured in the no-cost Healthy Money Summit. They will share with you practical insights, tools and techniques to empower true financial abundance — both individually and collectively. Experts include Geneen Roth, Vicki Robin, Riane Eisler, Gay Hendricks, Marcia Wieder, Barbara Stanny, Hazel Henderson, Deborah Price, and many others!

 You can sign up for free here.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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