Great pics, permaculture course, kid fun, activation image, free documentaries, and Global Meditation for the Philippines


Hey, today my pick is pics! Here’s some great images and the stories behind them to give you a renewed appreciation for Mother Nature, the planet and its people, including the photographers who came up with these amazing shots…


# 1 – Interested in living more consciously and “green?” This site offers a free download of a guide book on green living, PLUS offers a 72+ hour program on permaculture that you can take at your leisure. There is no charge for the course unless you actually want to end up being certified. Cool!

# 2 – I saw this image on FB and love it. It was posted by Lightworker Activation, but can’t make out the name of the artist…

# 3 – This is a must see for parents or those that work with kids. And even if that doesn’t include you, this is so clever and fun you’ve got to check it out..

# 4 – A neighbor of mine passed along this tip. A site where you can access and watch over 100 (119 right now, to be exact) mind-altering, conscious-expanding documentaries, including Thrive, Tapped (about bottled water), What The Bleep…, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead…..

# 5 – A great idea you may want to be a part of for the Philippines….

The Intention Call tribe has decided to create a Global Synchronized Meditation in collaboration with radio stations around the world and a massive quantity of online communities who understand the power of ONE MIND, ONE HEART.

JOIN & SPREAD this 30 minute global meditation happening this Saturday, November 23rd at 3pm Pacific (Your Time Zone HERE). This will be broadcast worldwide using the Intention Call platform in order to reach as many countries and supporters as possible!

Sign up if you aren’t already an Intention Call member and share this page/post with as many people as possible.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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