One degree, attachment, astrology forecast, love song, happy goose, Tama Kieves, and Abraham


# 1 – A short, inspiring, motivating video about how sometimes just one degree, one second, or some very small amount of time and effort, can make a huge difference in your life and the world around you…..

# 2 – For all you astrology buffs out there, here’s something that Debbie at White Dove Intuitive Awakenings is offering that may be of interest to you….

Debbie is offering a free teleclass on December 7th to help everyone wind down the end of the year with a grounding meditation to help us stay balanced through the holidays.  She will also do a channeling about the astrological energies you can expect in the new year and how and where the stars will be impacting your life in 2014! You can sign up for this Free teleclass at:

# 3 – Love Is All You Need, from Playing for Change…

# 4 – A great one about how helping a goose get a prosthetic beak may end up helping humans needing prostheses, as well. I love win-win-win situations!

# 5 – Oh, this is a good one to always remember…

# 6 – An invitation from Tama Kieves’ staff to a free call she’s offering….

Register now for our FREE Live Call! (or to get the recording) What do you DREAM about doing with your life? 
Want to write a book? Grow your coaching business? Leave your job? Lead your organization in a new direction or rock the world with your vision? Have your questions ready, and be prepared for a dose of inspiration and LIVE, loving world-class coaching and support from Tama and our world-wide tribe!Using wisdom from her nationally best-selling book Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!—she’s dishing up ways to get in touch with your unstoppable love, clarity, and your own inspired next step to get you where you belong! What better GIFT to give yourself (and SHARE with your friends!) at this time of year than spending time to honor what you really want in your life.

5:00 p.m. Pacific | 6:00 p.m. Mountain | 7:00 p.m. Central | 8:00 p.m. Eastern

# 7 – And you know how I like to end on some Abe! :-)

There is a big mix out there, and there’s lots of different things going on, and there is not one way that was intended to be the right way. Just like there’s not one color or one flower or one vegetable or one fingerprint. There is not one that is to be the right one over all others. The variety is what fosters the creativity. And so you say, “Okay, I accept that there’s lots of variety, but I don’t like to eat cucumbers.” Don’t eat cucumbers. But don’t ask them to be eliminated and don’t condemn those who eat them. Don’t stand on corners waving signs trying to outlaw the things that you don’t like. Don’t ruin your life by pushing against. Instead, say, “I choose this instead. This does please me.—Abraham



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