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# 1 – Here’s an excerpt from an article by Ronna Price, plus an invitation to a free call she’s offering….

The key commitment to change

Resistance to change is very simply a vestige of learned victim habit patterns. Most of us think we don’t have these anymore but if you’ve ever found yourself wondering “how did I end up here again?”, then it’s likely that lurking in the shadows is a remnant or two  of your old familiar victim self. “But I’m not a victim anymore!” I’ve said this and I’ve heard others say it, but then… look at your results. If you are not where you want to be, how about making a choice to commit to a new way of anchoring in New Year’s resolutions?

The most important commitment you can make is to be aware of the 10 patterns below and to shift them as soon as you notice them:

                                Change-Blocking Thought & Feeling patterns

  1. The motivation zapper:  “I can’t because” – Powerlessness
  2. The procrastination syndrome: “I’ll do it later” – Resistance
  3. The paralyzing excuse ploy: “If only x than y” – Helplessness
  4. The self-styled straight-jacket:  “I can’t decide” – Doubt & Indecision
  5. The stupefying safety zone:  “I can’t figure it out” – Confusion
  6. The chronic apology: “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault”  – Guilt
  7. The reverse road-block: “If only I had…” – Regret
  8. The anti-enthusiasm energy drain: “What if….”  – Worry
  9. The blame game: “It’s all your fault” – Resentment
  10. The emotional bypass: “It’s all good” or “I don’t have that problem” – Denial

Click here to read the rest of the article, including the 3 easy steps to anchor in a new resolution, and register for the 90 minute tele-class Ronna is hosting on January 15, 2014 at 5 pm CST.

# 2 – This recent post at my Self-help Health blog about coconut oil (one of my favorite health aids!) and dental bacteria has turned out to be one of the most viewed ones I’ve done, so I thought it would be a good one to feature here. Also check out my New Year’s post where I count down the Top Ten Self-help Health posts of 2013…

# 3 – The process of change. Look familiar? I know I can identify….

# 4 – A number of free events for you to check out….

The first is McLean MasterWorks’ annual Prediction Week event.This is a 5-day series that will run from Monday January 6th to Friday January 10th. The calls are 1-hour long, and  will start at 4 PM PST.  Here is the schedule of speakers; replays will be available for 48 hrs. after the live presentations:

Day 1, January 6th Elizabeth Jones: Astrologer – Guide to the Stars Extraordinaire

Day 2, January 7th Robert Pease: Spiritual Advisor & Psychic to the Stars

Day 3, January 8th Susann Taylor Shier: Gifted Intuitive Counselor and “Soul Master”

Day 4, January 9th Joanna Garzilli: Intuitive Business Mentor & Renowned Psychic

Day 5, January 10th Brian Seth Hurst: Exceptional & Accurate Intuitive & Coach

I always love hearing what Elizabeth Jones and Brian Seth Hurst have to say. I’m sure the other presentations will be interesting and informative, as well. Register at:

Another free series is the Positively Parenting Tele-summit, an 11-day event hosted by Roxanne Lochridge, who has brought together some of the world’s top experts, including Brad Yates and Carol Tuttle, to share strategies, techniques, and wisdom on empowering children. What a great idea!

Teach your kids how to have soaring self-esteem, more confidence, and how to take responsibility. Help them understand how to be more empowered, from meditation all the way to finances. It all starts on January 6th, with two speakers presented each day; each interview is kept between 20-40 minutes long, so they will be easier to fit into your schedule
Learn strategies and techniques to:
  • Help your child accept who they are, just as they are
  • Break the negative self-talk
  • Keep calm and what to do when your child pushes your buttons
  • Effectively communicate with your child, and more
Register now at:

And then there’s a free on-line seminar with Marci Shimoff, the #1 NY Times best-selling author and world-renowned happiness expert (Happy for No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul, and featured teacher in The Secret), who is partnering with bestselling author and success expert Debra Poneman to bring you ‘The 3 Secrets to Living a Life Filled with Miracles.’ You can attend on Saturday, January 4th, 1:30 PM EST • 10:30 AM PST or Monday, January 6th, 7:30 PM EST • 4:30 PM PST

To reserve your spot for this free online seminar, click the link below:

And it seems like Jan. 6th is a big day for free events because here’s one more. It’s An Hour Of Intention-Setting, Q&A, Coaching with Katie & Gay Hendricks that will focus on your intentions for 2014. There’s no charge; all you need to bring is your sincere intention to make 2014 the best year of your life in three areas: love, abundance and creativity. They’ll be doing a special New Year’s version of their famous Five Wishes process.

Come prepared for an action-packed hour of learning about the things that matter most. Get centered in your intentions for the new year. Set in motion the energy to help you manifest your 2014 goals with gentle ease and maximum celebration. Date: Monday, January 6, 6 pm PST.

Link for the live webcast:

Call-In Phone Numbers: Primary:  (206) 402-0100 Secondary:  (805) 367-3009

 Code: 250757​8#

 If you are unavailable to join us live, you can use the link above to access a replay after the session is over.

# 5 – And I think this is a great one from Abraham to serve as a “mantra” in the new year….

Life Will Always Be Working Out for Me. . .

I like understanding that things are always evolving, and while there are many things that could be better where I am, it is not really a problem because “where I am” is constantly changing to something better. I like knowing that as I look for the best things around me where I am, those things become more prevalent in my experience.

It is fun to know that things are always working out for me, and as I watch for the evidence of that . . . I see more evidence of that every day.—Abraham


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