Cutest frog, follow the frog, feeling loved, free MP3s, and Abraham


# 1 – Want to start your day with a smile? Check out this pic of the cutest frog ever! Move over Kermit!

Wow! The wood frog has garnered attention by biologists over the last century because of its freeze tolerance.


# 2 – And speaking of frogs, this is a great video….very clever and entertaining, with a very important message about “just following the frog”….


# 3 – Yep, requires courage, but think of the pay-off!


# 4 – How about a free download from Mind Power MP3?….

No matter what you want in life, once you master your mind and emotions you can achieve almost anything. Think about the amazing things you’d create in your life once you know how to purposely
control your state.

Imagine how nice it’ll be to live a life where feelings of peace, calm, and happiness are part of your daily experience …or you can switch on accelerated healing, amazing creativity or profound deep thinking at will.

Today you can experience this for yourself with this NEW free mp3…

Download a beautiful music album for called ‘Contemplation Stimulation: Classical Peace‘.

This album has been specially enhanced to help ‘tune’ your brain into states of blissful peace of mind and profound deep thinking.

It is also perfect for boosting creativity, light meditation and enhanced reading.

This album has been specially enhanced to help ‘tune’ your brain into states of blissful peace of mind and profound deep thinking.It is also perfect for boosting creativity, light meditation and enhanced reading.
Click HERE for more

P.S. Once you’ve downloaded your free mp3, over the next week you’ll also be able to access the 3 most popular specially enhanced music albums for free:

* Take an extraordinary shamanic journey to help with awareness,purpose, and guidance
* Experience unforgettable moments with stunning music and one of the most important frequencies in humanity
* Experience deep delta, sublime guitar and extreme bliss.


# 5 – Boo, hard work; yea, well-being! :-)

Hard work is not the path to Well-Being. Feeling good is the path to Well-Being. You don’t create through action; you create through vibration. And then, your vibration calls action from you.—Abraham



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Facebook miracle, be thankful, your life calling, Healing Rhythms, and Abraham and TUT on imagining


# 1 – A great story about how Facebook helped change several people’s lives….

# 2 – Yep!

# 3 – Entheos is offering another free on-line event, this time on finding your life’s calling…..


What’s your mission? What’s Your purpose? If you struggle with these big questions – you’re not alone. So, where do you even start to put the pieces together?

Growing up, the only resources most of us had were suggestions from my parents, what our peers were doing…and a poorly delivered career test given in high school. This just created gaps between what your brain and heart are telling you.

What if you had the resources for finding a career and calling that fulfills your potential and inspires you? We’re talking about how to reach your unique potential, move through fear, enliven your life with authenticity, and discover your passion so that you can find the path you’re meant to be on.

Finding Your Life’s Calling Virtual Conference
Dates: March 24 – 26, 2014
Price: FREE
​Where: Sign up online here

# 4 – And check out Healing Rhythms: 15-Steps to Relax, Relieve & Restore, a free  two-week online meditation journey….

You can sign up now, and begin today!

This program combines some of the best leaders in the fields of meditation and wellness. Contributors Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Dean Ornish, and introducing Zen Master Nissim Amon, among others. Whether you are an experienced meditator or a novice, in less than 15 minutes a day, you will begin to:
  • Find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible
  • Go beyond your ego and internal dialogue to reach a state of bliss
  • Discover why the relationships you have attracted in your life are precisely the ones you need in your life at this moment
Each day you will also learn the inspiration and meaning behind that day’s guided meditation, allowing you to take your meditation practice to new, deeper levels and bringing you closer to discovering your true self. After your mentors guide you through that day’s meditation, use the “Daily Journal Questions” to reflect on your experience and your journey.
Remember, this enhanced meditation experience is free.

# 5 – I’ll have to make this Tip #5 A and B because this quote from Abraham and one of my recent Notes From the Universe so closely entwine….

We’re going to give you a very powerful statement: Everything that you will some day live, in terms of life experience — and by some day, we mean as soon as right now, tomorrow, the next day, or some day — anything that you will some day live, you have first imagined. Because nothing will manifest in your experience without the imagination process happening first.—Abraham

And from Notes From the Universe (

Okay, Zirah, here’s the skinny. The answer to your question. The way, the light, the door. The most overlooked truth in reality. And the one that requires the most “uncommon sense” to fully grasp:

When it comes to effecting change (big or little, but especially big), manifesting the life of your dreams, or getting that perfect parking space, “thinking” is immeasurably more valuable when used to imagine what you want–the end result–that to figure out how you’re going to get it.

Which is why most people have to schlep through big parking lots. Zirah, visualize. Every single day.


The Universe

FYI, put your imagining skills in high gear with visioning, Mind Movies and/or a vision writing workbook!


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Wolves, museum tour, less doing AND less suffering, and Abraham on being “selfish”


This short video from Sustainable Man titled How Wolves Change Rivers is such a great lesson in how everything is so inter-connected….


# 1 – Wow, this sounds really cool, although I haven’t checked it out yet. It’s a way you can virtually tour the National Museum of History room by room, using your cursor….

# 2 – Another free event from Entheos……about the art of less doing and more living. Yes!


Free Yourself of Stress and Be More Effective at Everything!
​Learn how to optimize, automate and outsource everything in your life so you can free up your time and reclaim your mind to do the things you want to do. Find out how to make everything in your life easier from your email inbox, to work/life balance, to optimized and bio-hacked health.

Join Ari Meisel from and 20+ experts in the optimal living space to learn how to free yourself from stress and be more effective at everything. And by everything we mean – your job, your relationships, your fitness, your brain function, your parenting, your academics, your fun – ALL of it ;)

The Art of Less Doing and More Living virtual conference runs March 27th – 30th, and you can sign up for free here.

 # 3 – And here’s another free event. I’m actually not familiar with this man, but the free tele-class sounded like something that might be of interest and value to some people. I’ve actually signed up myself to see what he has to say….

As Pastor Mark Anthony Lord, founder of the Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago, teaches, living in a state of joy and appreciation no matter what is not only possible, it is actually the way we are designed to live!

In his new book Thou Shall Not Suffer: 7 Steps to a Life of Joy, Mark Anthony Lord recounts the path to his own liberation from suffering and teaches that ending suffering in our lives is not about some sort of intellectual understanding. The shift occurs the moment we focus our attention on the healing power of self-love, acceptance, and a more expanded, deeply personal God.

Free Teleclass: Suffer No More – Live a Life of Joy!

You can join in next week during a LIVE teleclass with Mark Anthony Lord during which he will share his 7 Steps to Joy and lead a guided meditation to help participants embody this wonderful possibility.

Click here to reserve your spot on this live call now:

# 4 – A little Abraham to end on….

Hypothetically, people worry about everyone being selfishly oriented. “If everyone did exactly what they want to do, what kind of world would this be?” And we say, a really, really good one. Because if everyone did what they wanted to do, everyone would feel free. And if you feel free, you feel empowered. And every negative emotion that exists—hear this—every negative emotion that exists is because there is some sense of loss of freedom somewhere in there.—Abraham

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Expectations, animal facts, Live Well, Abraham and more

To get your Sunday morning off to a good start :-)…..



# 1 –

# 2 – For you  animal lovers, some facts and pics to make you smile…especially the last 3….

# 3 – Remember…


# 4 – I have mentioned the Living Clay Company and their free Live Well tele-seminars in previous EME posts, but I just checked out the archive for the March 13th presentation and the transcript seemed to fit nicely with Tip # 3. It’s all about self-actualization and features quotes from Abraham and Conversations With God, a list of Maslow’s self-actualizing characteristics, and more…..

Related Self-help Health posts:

# 5 – And from Abe….

Every single person on the planet and every single Consciousness in the Universe has the same experience of being here and having a desire to be there. In other words, it is the promise of this eternal Universe. You’re always, always, always going to be on your way to something more – always. And when you relax and accept that, and stop beating up on yourself for not being someplace that you’re not, and instead, start embracing where you are while you keep your eye on where you’re going – now life becomes really, really, really fun.—Abraham


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Giving thanks, paying it forward, moo-ving video, breath workshop, The Yoga Code, and Abraham


# 1 – Hmmmm…..

# 2- A moo-ving little story for you animal lovers….

# 3 – This little story and video about paying it forward fits nicely with Tip # 1. Have a hanky at the ready :-)…..

# 4 – The Shift Network is sponsoring another free event, this time on breathwork….

Harness the power of your breath. Our emotional history is connected to our breath. Our consciousness expands with each breath, and our bodies are recharged by it.  

In short, breath is a gateway to a full life and consciously working with the breath can dissolve old traumas, bring us into a state of love, and open the gateway of our creativity. And now you have the opportunity to learn how to harness the power of your breath as bestselling author, transformational leader and one of the masters of conscious breathwork, Gay Hendricks is hosted by The Shift Network on a free call, Wednesday, March 12th at 5:30 pm Pacific.

During this free training, Gay will reveal the 3 Keys to Awakening Your Breath, and how when you do this, you can reduce stress in your life, increase your energy and become fully present through the power of your breath.

Gay’s proven methods will give you an opportunity to:

  • Heal old wounds to open you up to genuine bliss
  • Transform your relationship to your body so you feel alive and open
  • Deepen your spirituality and devotion
  • Live with a completely new, joyful awareness

Reserve your spot now:  3 Keys to Awakening Your Breath

# 5 – And another free event that also sounds very interesting is the The Yoga Code virtual conference where the emphasis is not on postures, but on how yoga can help you in all areas of your life….relationships, parenting, money, etc. You can find out more in my current Self-help Health post….

# 6 – And a great one from Abraham….

Your conclusion that there isn’t enough of something—whether it is enough land, or money, or clarity—stems from you learning, without meaning to, a vibration that holds you apart from what you want. There is no limitation. If you identify a desire for it, Source recognizes your desire, and immediately begins to deliver it to you. And it will manifest in the variety, in the fullness, and in the way that you, and only you, learn to allow it.—Abraham


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ALL PICKS!! Nature, close enounter, love, abundance and Abraham on worth

Well, without planning it, today is an ALL PICKS DAY!!


Double wow!

“Nature is our chapel.”–Bjork

And right after coming across that picture on Facebook I came across this. Talk about synchronicity!

“What if our religion was each other
“If our practice was our life
“If prayer, our words.
“What if the temple was the earth
“If forests were our church
“If holy water – the rivers, lakes, and oceans
“What if meditation was our relationships
“If the Teacher was life
“If wisdom was self-knowledge
“If love was the center of our being”

~ Ganga White

And about a minute later I came across this…..beautiful music and images. Lends a whole new meaning to the term moving meditation…

And then I found this, which I found fascinating and amazing!

And then this….


And this pick is from Children Of The Sun. They are starting a series on finally letting go of the sense of lack that has been keeping/delaying many of us from our birthright of true prosperity. What’s nice about the COTS events, recordings, etc., is they are offered on a donation basis, so they are not out of reach for anyone….

Know your Source of Supply

The one Universal Law that expresses; we are always taken care of and provided for, is so simple and profound that it is one of the most challenging truths to embrace.

Let’s feel into a few more…

  • The Divine Presence is the only acting intelligence in your life.
  • The Divine Presence governs all manifestation in your life perfectly. It is the power producing it and the force sustaining it.
  • To know the Divine Presence as your only source of supply is to be instantly prosperous.

If you live by these principles, you automatically enter into the truth that brings all freedom. Your life becomes a path of non-stop opening doors.

“When one dislodges from his soul the octopus grip of human habits and hereditary beliefs, replacing impossibility consciousness with the realized power of faith, one gains over the natural order a supernatural sovereignty.”

Read and find out more here:

And the final pick for today is this quote/wisdom from Abraham, which works so well with the COTS focus. All we need to know/realize is abundance is our birthright and just allow it to flow to us….

Worthiness, in very simple terms, means I have found a way to let the Energy reach me, the Energy that is natural, reach me. Worthiness, or unworthiness, is something that is pronounced upon you by you. You are the only one that can deem yourself worthy or unworthy. You are the only one who can love yourself into a state of allowing, or hate yourself in a state of disallowing. There is not something wrong with you, nor is there something wrong with one who is not loving you. You are all just, in the moment, practicing the art of not allowing, or the art of resisting.—Abraham


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Self-talk, real heroes, new HWTM series, Super Size Me event, Parenting With Presence, and Abraham



# 1- Sometimes I read stuff in the news that makes me ashamed to be part of the human race. Then I read something like this….

# 2 – The new season of Healing With the Masters is about to start! This is one of the best tele-seminars series around and always features some great guests, so be sure and sign up. Usually there are some extra bonuses, plus replays of the presentations are available for 48 hrs. afterwards….

You can get more details here.

# 3 – And the 10 year anniversary of the ground-breaking movie Super Size Me is coming up and there’s going to be a free on-line event to mark the date with 30+ experts in the field of health and wellness, plus you get a free download of an e-cookbook. I have already signed up for event and received my cookbook. Can’t wait to try roasted curried cauliflower, dill pate in lettuce wraps, zughetti with pesto, almond flour chocolate chip cookies and more! See my Self-help Health post for details:

# 4 – And I think this is a great idea! The Shift Network is sponsoring a free event titled Parenting With Presence….

You’re there to experience the irritation, frustration and even anger, when faced with negotiations and power struggles – over everything from homework, to brushing teeth, to bedtime. As a parent, you know the beauty and blessings that your children bring into your life. You also know the challenges that come with raising a child.

That’s why the Shift Network is thrilled to announce the free online Parenting with Presence SummitMarch 18 – 21. They have teamed with Susan Stiffelman – author of Parenting Without Power Struggles and parenting columnist for TheHuffington Post – to bring together 20 of the world’s leading parenting experts and thought leaders to explore how to grow as a parent and raise more joyful, resilient and authentic children.

Get all the details here.

When you register for this free event, you’ll have access to conversations with parents and parenting experts like Arianna Huffington, Marianne Williamson, Jane Goodall, Harville Hendrix, Dr. Daniel Siegel, Dr. Daniel Amen, and many others.

If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, “Auntie” or “Uncle,” or involved with children in any way, this summit will provide you information that should have come in the “owner’s manual” that you wish accompanied every child – but doesn’t!

# 5  – And some Abe to end on. Abraham brings up a good point with this quote, even though we’ve heard this many times before….focus on what you do want, not on what you don’t. Otherwise it’s that old reverse fascination thing and you often end up actually strengthening the habit you’re wanting to stop….

Those old habits don’t have to be erased, they just become replaced by a new habit that is more in vibrational harmony with who you are and what you want.—Abraham


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