Struggle, less thinking, Letting Go e-book, Living In Oneness, and Abraham



# 1 –  An insightful article from Dr. Robert Anthony on struggle….

We are conditioned to believe that life is supposed to be hard. It
was designed to struggle. Struggle means you are courageous
and strong.

Struggle is like taking a cross country trip in your car with the
emergency brake on. You may get there, but you are burned out at
the end, and you missed most of the fun sights on the way.

As it turns out, struggle is highly overrated.

We hear inspirational stories about people who have “struggled
against all odds” to become successful. How often do we hear
positive things about the people who are successful because they
DO NOT struggle?

Struggle is life’s treadmill.

The need to struggle and effort to get what we want is an illusion,
and like all other illusions (or assumptions) by their very nature
they keep us from seeing the truth that’s right before us.

Struggle is trying to rearrange the world so that it aligns with
the way you think it should be. It is the greatest source of
unhappiness in our world today. It happens when you focus on what
you perceive you don’t have, instead of embracing what you do have.

We live in a time of striking contrasts. There is tremendous
prosperity for some and outrageous poverty for others. We have so
much available to us, yet we continue to strive for more and more.

So what’s going on? We must change our paradigm and see abundance
as a mind set. Abundance is waking up to the reality that you are
already the person you yearn to become and that you already have
everything you need in this moment.

The denial or more accurately the resistance to who you really are
is what keeps you struggling. Abundance is about falling in love
with WHOM and WHERE you are. It is focusing on all that you have
and not losing yourself in all that you don’t have. In the end it
is this thought that allows you to create anything you desire.

Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation
that you are making progress – IF YOU LOOK FOR IT!  No matter how
large or small, make note of it. It will only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.


# 2 – And I’ve featured this before, but I really like it and it is from Dr. Anthony and goes so well with his article in Tip # 1.  Supposedly it’s one of his favorite affirmations….

With that affirmation, say to yourself, “The universe is
yielding to me. Good things are lined up for me. All good things
come to me. There is not a reason in the world for me to worry.
When I worry it is nothing more than old patterns of thought that
have nothing to do with my ability to create what I desire. I have
nothing to worry about.  Everything comes to me at the right time
in the right way. I figure it out as I go.  I don’t need to know,
I figure it out as I go”.

# 3 – And this seemed to fit perfectly with # 2….


# 4 – I haven’t checked this out myself yet, but a friend e-mailed me about it and I thought I would pass along the tip…


The Letting Go Ebook, Free

Posted: 30 Apr 2014 07:11 AM PDT

By Leo Babauta

Today marks 41 years of wonderful life that I’ve lived, and as a birthday present to all of you, I’m publishing a free ebook: The One Skill: How Mastering the Art of Letting Go Will Change Your Life.

Last year I started a tradition of giving people gifts on my birthday, to celebrate the fact of being alive, and my gratitude for those in my life — I published the Little Book of Contentment for free a year ago.

This year I continue the tradition with my new ebook on letting go: The One Skill.

It’s about learning the skill of letting go, and how that will help you with every problem in your life. From stress to procrastination to habit change to loss and much more.

It’s an amazing skill, and the better I get at it, the better I am at life, the happier I am.

You can download the book for free here: The One Skill ebook (pdf).

I’ve also exported it as an epub (download) but not tested it yet. And here’s the mobi file for Kindle & other ebook readers (thanksDaniel Pavey!).


#5 – And here’s a free event from Humanity’s Team University to check out….

Living In Oneness Summit

Wednesday, May 7 to Sunday, May 18
Multiple Programs Each Day

If Oneness is Ultimate Reality, let’s
Learn it, Live it & Love it in All Parts of Our Life

Receive a Oneness eBook when you register!

The Living in Oneness Summit  is just around the corner and free of charge. 

It is our destiny to live this way but rather than take the arduous path why not take a shortcut? The problem in taking a shortcut is that different authors and speakers connect with different audiences. There is no single author or wisdom source who speaks to everyone. This is why the Living in Oneness Summit has reached out to over 24 of the most respected authors and wisdom sources we know to be part of the 2014 program. Each brings different wisdom but each is respected as an authority on living in Oneness in one or more parts of our life. Some are well known and others you will be so grateful you are meeting for the first time.

Hear Evolutionary Leaders Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bruce Lipton, James O’Dea, Nina Meyerhof, and Barbara Fields, among the 35 inspiring speakers who are part of this year’s program.

See the entire program and list of speakers! 


# 6 – And from Abraham….

Source never wields vengeance or offers punishment, for Source understands you are valuable; you are worthy; you are blessed. Source understands that you never get it done and you cannot get it wrong, and that even when you stand in a place that currently feels wrong, ultimately you will return to what feels right. You can return now to what feels right with an adjustment of your thought process and an adjustment of your vibration and a changing of your point of attraction and a finally letting in of the Well-Being that is flowing to you always.—Abraham



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