Heart-warming pics, unwelcome thoughts, better than, unexpected outcomes, light within, Dragon’s Blood, and free Tama Kieves call


Great series of heart-warming pictures, especially for animal lovers….




# 1 –


# 2 – Short and stimulating from Dr. Sue Morter….

Who Are You Better Than?

You left because…
Superior as evidenced by…
Have “right” things to say about…
Separate yourself from, because…Tiny reminder: There is only One of us here.

What parts of YOU are trying to heal?
And… does leaving, judging, or comparing feel any more Loved? Just curious. :-)
# 3 – This is an excerpt from one of Rob Brezsny’s newsletter….it was advice for those born under the sign of Sagittarius, but it seems like words of wisdom we could all benefit from….
“There is no such thing as a failed experiment,” said author and inventor Buckminster Fuller, “only
experiments with unexpected outcomes.” That’s the spirit I advise you to bring to your own explorations in the coming weeks, Sagittarius. Your task is to try out different possibilities to see where they might lead. Don’t be attached to one conclusion or another. Be free of the drive to be proven right. Instead, seek the truth in whatever strange shape it reveals itself. Be eager to learn what you didn’t even realize you needed to know.
# 4 – Ever heard of Dragon’s Blood? Scary sounding, but amazing stuff! Find out about the many uses and benefits of this inexpensive, multi-purpose  health aid in my latest Self-help Health post…..
# 5 – Love it!
# 6 – An invitation from Tama Kieves for an upcoming free event……
Are you in the mood for a radical boost? Want to stop doubting your life and start flying?Want to know in your bones what you’re meant to do and know that you’re going to make it? I have a completely free gift for you! And it’s going to be FUN!
As a leading career/success coach for over 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of helping others get past blocks and soar into the astonishing life that calls them.That’s why I’ve been so excited about creating the  Inspired & Unstoppable Life Tribe. I love sharing the breakthrough perspectives and techniques that I know work – with as many people as possible. The Life Tribe is an evolving cadre of souls committed to conscious living and going beyond their fears. It’s an Inspired Revolution that we’re all in – TOGETHER!
I want EVERYONE on the planet to have access to this kind of support, camaraderie, and sheer MAGIC. I want YOU to have it!This is why I’ve decided to host a FREE Life Tribe group coaching call on Sept. 3rd at 6:30 p.m. MDT. (Yup, you can just sign up for the free recording) This free class, entitled, Your True Desire: How to Discover Everything You’re Meant to Be! is designed to help you uncover your real desires, and the power of what wants to come forward in your life right now. Even if you already know what you want, I created this opportunity to help you reconnect to your Inspired Power – to experience a shift, a miracle, a step forward, an aha, a thank God! This call is my gift to YOU.Don’t worry. This is not a sales call! This is the gift of inspired time, and its own awesome experience that I want you to have, whether or not you ever decide to join the Life Tribe.

So, here’s what I encourage you to do:
I want you to sign up to join the call and/or get the free recording if you can’t join me LIVE.


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