Healing mandala, nature pics, spiritual breakdown, encourage others, all connected, last quarter moon, and Abraham



# 1 –  A healing mandala from Keith Allen Kay at Quantum Fractal Energy Mandala…..



# 2 – da Vinci was ahead of the times in many ways. It’s now being proven by science that we are all inter-connected…..


# 3 – Wow, amazing, inspiring pictures….



# 4 – Three things best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat.Pray.Love. says may be signs of a spiritual and emotional breakdown….

1. You’re Bored.

I feel like boredom is the first and quietest signal of spiritual despondency. I don’t just mean that you’re bored with your religious path; I mean that you’re bored with everything—bored with yourself, bored with human beings, bored with your work, bored with life. Some people accept boredom as normal, but I see it as a sign that you have completely lost touch with the real wonder that is exploding all around you in every moment. Because let’s be honest—this world is many things, but it ain’t boring. This world is beautiful, violent, extreme, dangerous, magnificent and mysterious. This world is also filled with millions of varied and incredible life forms, including human beings (the most creative, bizarre, unpredictable species that ever lived). If all that bores you, then your soul has really gone to sleep at the wheel. Start reviving your curiosity, and your spirit will have a chance to wake up again.

Go here for the other two signs: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Elizabeth-Gilbert-Spiritual-and-Emotional-Meltdown


#5 – I love this one!


# 6 – Today is a potent last quarter moon, with lots of other astrological powerhouses in the mix, PLUS it’s my birthday! :-)

Friday morning’s Last Quarter Moon in Leo is quite powerful, a fitting configuration for the transition into the December cycle that is rapidly approaching, and that will feature another instance of Uranus and Pluto in perfect square alignment, the sixth of seven exact hits this mid-decade. While Uranus and Pluto have been doing their recent dance since June of 2012, the issues that this important aspect symbolizes, on both a personal and a cultural level, and resonating with their conjunction in the volatile1960’s, are getting more intense with the experience of the past few years. The stakes as well are getting higher, as a glance at the headlines shows. In addition to the intensity of their square closing to within two degrees, so that we really feel them, they are each aspected by Mars, Jupiter, the Sun and Moon in this quarter moon configuration, heightening the impact of their dynamic interaction. Because these powerhouse planets in combination stand for radical change in our own best long-term interest, and because they are located in the Cardinal signs of Aries and Capricorn, their impact on this decade – which I am referring to as “the Turbulent Teens” – is monumental. As the next installment of their square alignment draws near, and the month of December looms, we are all called to find within ourselves an appropriate response to the evolutionary quest to which we are summoned…

Read more about the Last Quarter Moon


# 7 – A different perspective on aging….

It’s not about years. It’s not about age. It’s not about youth. It’s about decline. And decline is about alignment, or not. Decline is about, in this moment, which way am I forking? In this moment, which way am I forking? In this moment, which way am I forking? That’s all it’s about.-–Abraham



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2 Replies to “Healing mandala, nature pics, spiritual breakdown, encourage others, all connected, last quarter moon, and Abraham”

    1. Thanks, sweetie, for taking the time to like and comment on this post. I thought I had mentioned the I AM film in a previous post, but I have to say that after awhile it’s hard for me to remember certain stuff. At least your comment may bring it to people’s attention, plus I will make a point of featuring it again…even if it’s the 2nd time. Better twice than not at all! :-) And speaking of meaningful documentaries, my latest post at Self-help Health has to do w/ a free screening of Origins, a movie that’s been going viral. Plan on featuring it as a tip here in the next couple of days. It’s available until the 22nd, plus there is a free Origins Summit that people can sign up for, too. http://selfhelphealth.wordpress.com/2014/11/15/a-groundbreaking-movie-you-can-watch-for-free/

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