Soul made visible, grateful for, 4 rituals, free events, and Abraham




# 1 Love it!


# 2 – Here’s information about several free upcoming events from The Shift Network…..

First is Qigong Master Mingong Gu’s free event with Shift this Thursday, October 29th: Healing Your Body, Mind and Emotions through Qigong: Open Your Energy Channels to Live with More Vitality, Wisdom and Love. This is a must for anyone who is eager to discover the healing power of Qigong to lay the foundation for a long, healthy life!

Next is a presentation featuring the transformational wisdom of Anodea Judith. Anodea is the author of the #1 bestseller,Wheels of Life and the world’s most renowned expert on chakras.

It all happens the morning of Halloween, October 31st at 10am Pacific, when Anodea presents Wheels of Life Chakra Seminar: Heal and Awaken Through Your Energy Centers.

The third event is The Heaven on Earth Summit, happening 11/3 – 11/5, hosted by NY Times Bestselling Author, Martin Rutte. This exclusive event will showcase the wisdom and heart of some of the most visionary, bold, innovative leaders ever assembled.

Presenters include Jack Canfield, don Miguel Ruiz, Marcia Weider, Dr. Eban Alexander, Andrew Harvey, Dr. Sue Morter and many more who will share their personal practices and strategies for creating heaven on earth with self, in relationship, and as co-creators of our global society.

You can sign up for any or all of these events on my website’s What’s New page.

Also check out the latest post at Self-help Health for information about the Ayurvedic Summit and Search for Sustainability docu-series, plus a yoga routine for neck/upper back health, a sweet video of a corgi doing battle with a mini pumpkin and more…..


# 3 – And here’s a stimulating thought from Project Happiness….

Shift expectation to appreciation by repeating this question to yourself throughout the day, “What would happen if tomorrow I woke up with only the things I’m grateful for today?


# 4 – And speaking of what you’re grateful for, this is an interesting and fascinating article about how the brain works, why we worry, the power of gratitude and more….


# 5 – And here’s an Abraham quote from way back in 1996, but it’s just as insightful today as it was back then….

The standard of success in life isn’t the things. It isn’t the money or the stuff — it is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.—Abraham



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