New Year’s Day 2016!


Here are some tips to get the new year off to a great start…..


# 1 – This first one is from a post by Robin & Michael Mastro featured in The Chopra Center’s newsletter…..

Create a Vedic Gratitude Altar

Altars act as focal points for creating something positive in your life. Northeast energy is the confluence of the positive magnetic energy coming from the north and the positive solar energy that comes from the east. The Northeast energy is the most powerful and positive energy in your home and specifically supports your spiritual connection to the Divine and the unseen forces that guide your daily life. An altar built in this area of your home enhances that connection.

Creating an altar focused on gratitude sets in motion the energy of attraction and brings more of what you want into your life. Practicing gratitude helps you bounce back more quickly from challenging times, and strengthens the immune system. Gratitude can also strengthen your social relationships.

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# 2 – Take some time to check out uplifting news at….


# 3 – Definitely something to reflect on as you enter the new year…..


# 4 – I love this from Brian Johnson’s The Optimizer. Have felt for a long time we’re way past due for a shift from judging things as mistakes and failures to seeing everything/life as a grand experiment. Love the lab coats and goggles visual……think of how fun/exciting/interesting 2016 could/would be if we picture ourselves that way whenever we embark on something new…..


“Testing means experimenting, and as the brilliant business author Dale Dauten says, ‘Experiments never fail.’

Experiments never fail because when you are experimenting you are just as eager to find out what doesn’t work as what does. Whatever you find out helps you grow. There is no failure in that.
Experiments give you a way to play with the universe. They allow you to interact with the real world and get some interesting answers. What works? What doesn’t? Let me try again. This is starting to kick in.”

That’s from a section called “Testing vs. Trusting.” This distinction is one of the most transformative ideas I picked up from my work with Steve. In fact, I loved it so much that I sent us both a lab coat and goggles to capture the spirit of an experimenter!
Don’t wait until everything is perfect and you can finally “trust” yourself. JUST. JUMP. IN. As Emerson says, “All life is an experiment. The more experiments the better.”

—Steve Chandler from Crazy Good


# 5 – Great things begin within!


# 6 – And check out last year’s New Year 2015 post for more tips and inspiration and links to previous years’ posts…..


Enjoy and Happy New Year Everyone!

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