Purpose, be a farmer, grief, behold or withhold, free events, and a cutie pie squirrel :-)




# 1 – Oh, I just love this one…..


# 2 -Yep, life processes are usually not a straight line, or in this case even a “u” :-)….


# 3 – Mmmm, another one I just love! Yes, a farmer of the heart <3


# 4 -Some stimulation from Dr. Sue Morter…..

Behold or Withhold

The ability to drop the blockages in our lives is directly proportional to our ability – and willingness – to behold more and more the abundance of Reality.

Your wholeness already exists.

Are you willing to allow it to be True?

–Dr. Sue Morter


# 5 – Check out my What’s New page for information about free events like The Food Revolution, The Vitamin Summit, The Longevity Anti-Aging Project, and more.

And this current post at my Self-help Health blog gives updates about glyphosate found in oatmeal, prescription drugs showing up in vegetables (even organic!) and toxins in feminine hygiene products. Argh!



# 6 – And to off-set that bit of unsettling health news about glyphosate, prescription drugs, etc., a little sweetness to end on…..




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4 Replies to “Purpose, be a farmer, grief, behold or withhold, free events, and a cutie pie squirrel :-)”

  1. Hi Zirah :-)
    Love the picture of the squirrel at the end and the helpful insights and reminders! I will remember “farmer of the heart.” Ah…. the life’s purpose quest and question…. I have certainly spent more time than I now think was useful on That question. :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I just found a great post that is going to be one of the upcoming “tips” I share, but I will give you a link to it now because it is so fitting for what you and I have been talking/typing about lately, and so pertinent, I think, to your comment here. Seems like synchronicity that I came across it right before I read what you wrote. :-)https://stephanieraffelock.com/2016/01/01/dancing-with-your-dreams/

      1. Thank you so very much for sharing that article this morning! :-) I was actually thinking about forgiveness earlier today. I find forgiving other so much easier than forgiving myself. And underlying a lot of the doubt still hanging around is forgiveness. Forgiveness for all those learning adventures and for doubts past and present about the worth of me dancing with my dreams as the article says. All the scrutiny I have given the yearnings of my heart to be open and free and living its dream as if I need to prove to myself the usefulness of it before I begin. :-) More pictures and energy to be sending away on a daily basis. :-) Thank you very much for the talking/typing of the last several days. It has been very illuminating. :-)

      2. Yes, I got the “message” not to wait to share that article w/ you. It just seemed to synchronistic for it to show up when it did, and seemed to fit so perfectly w/ so many aspects of our recent conversation. I always get lots of insights when I have “types”/chats w/ individuals from the Duality group, so it’s always a win-win and great learning experience for me as well.

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