A Good One From Abe!


Here’s some great “advice” from Abraham, by way of a friend sharing on Facebook, that I thought deserved a post of its own. Especially love the last “to do” part of the process given. May be something some of you would like to put into practice this weekend?…….


pink rosebud Any Rosen Lavender

“If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would do these things everyday and then anything else you have time for.

We would meditate for 15 minutes, every day.

Which means we would quiet our mind with the simple intention of allowing our cork to float

We would go outside, no matter what the weather, and we would move around in it in appreciation of this planet. We would look up and around and we would find things to acknowledge, and we would talk about them right out loud.

Esther walks through her gardens and says to everything, “You are my favorite. You are my favorite. You are my favorite. You are my favorite.

You are my favorite stone on the pathway. You are my favorite bird in the tree. You are my favorite flower in bloom. You are my favorite flower not in bloom. You are my favorite tree. You are my favorite bush. You are my favorite frog. You are my favorite frog, you kept me awake all night, but you are still my favorite frog.”

So, first thing meditate, second thing spend more time outside.

Third thing, we would buy a notebook. We would call it my book of positive aspects and we would fill at least three, four, five is even better, pages of positive aspects. Five different subjects and write the positive aspects of it, training your vibration into that upward place.

And then there is one last thing, that if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would do every single day.

We would look upward and outward, best if you do it outside or standing at a window, and we would acknowledge that there are universal forces that are focused right at you.

We would acknowledge, by calling it by name, if you have a name that you like, and we would say, “I acknowledge that I am the object of your positive attention and I am appreciating your continual gaze on behalf of my well-being. And today, no matter where I am, no matter where I am going, no matter what I am doing, and no matter whom I am doing it with, I will be in conscious awareness that you too are there with me. Appreciating me, supporting me, assisting me, acknowledging me, inspiring me, guiding me, having fun with me, supporting me, inspiring me, helping me, guiding me, aware of me, loving me, showing me, inspiring me, guiding me, helping me, uplifting me, showing me….

Get into an endless loop of that acknowledgement and watch what begins to happen in your life as soon as this day.

Your Vortex is filled to the brim with specific request that you have put there and you are deserving of the realization of. And it is time for those realizations to be flooding into your experience at a rate that will astonish those who surround you.. It is time for you to remember what you have put there and to bring it forward, active into your today experience.” ∼Abraham-Hicks – Sacramento, 2013



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6 Replies to “A Good One From Abe!”

  1. Hi Zirah. That is a classic Abraham. Thanks. When Esther, Jerry and Abraham were coming to Australia Cheryl and I would go to hear them,no matter how far away. They “saved our bacon” as the saying goes. Love to you John.😀

  2. Hi Zirah :-)

    It sounds like a good idea to me! I was out watching the birds this morning. There were thunderstorms overnight and the grass was soaked with water droplets and filled with puddles. The birds were in a frenzied celebration of the morning and the sunshine. The air was fresh and damp. I have noticed that the birds are much quieter on cloudy mornings. At the end of the walk, it started to drizzle, but the birds and I had a good visit before then. :-) I talk to them constantly. “Hi there, honey. Would you like your photo taken? Would you like to sing for the camera?” and so on. :-) Last Monday morning, I found a robin’s nest with two baby robins in it. They looked big enough to fly and, sure enough, they had left the nest by Tuesday evening. Seeing them was one of those lucky happenings of being in the right place at the right time. :-)

    1. We had a downpour yesterday and it was great going out for a walk afterwards. Everything looked and smelled so refreshed. p.s. How great that you got to see the baby robins. Usually all I notice are the beautifully colored light blue eggs cracked on the ground and hope that the babies are okay, wherever they are.

      1. I was in a state of high excitement after I saw the baby robins. :-) I saw them on Monday morning and felt the need to return on Monday evening to check on them. I saw two beaks peaking up from the nest. The mother robin checked on them once when I was there and then flew off when she noticed me. Tuesday morning, it rained so I didn’t visit. Tuesday evening it was clear and I found myself over there checking on them again and they were gone. I walked around a while looking at the robins I saw hopping in the grass to see if any of them were the young ones. They weren’t. I imagine they learn to feed themselves and fly in more protected areas. I am hoping there will be another family this year that I can watch. The tree is on my running and walking path. It isn’t obvious to a passerby unless they are looking. I also saw a cute bunny rabbit last Monday evening in a different part of the park twitching his ears and nose. It makes me smile every time I think of it. :-)

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