Unexpected kindness, change, teachers, Derek Rydell, and Abe on religions




# 1 – Love it!


# 2 – A good one from Rob Brezsny’s newsletter……

“We create ourselves by what we choose to notice.
Once this work of self-authorship has begun, we inhabit the world we’ve
created. We self-seal. We don’t notice anything except those things that
confirm what we already think about who we already are.

Meditative traditions refer to the observer self. When we succeed in
moving outside our normal processes of self-reference and can look upon
ourselves with self-awareness, then we have a chance at changing. We
break the seal. We notice something new.”– Margaret Wheatley


# 3 – Some stimulation from Derek Rydell…..


# 4 – More from Rob Brezsny’s newsletter….. this time an excerpt from his book Pronoia…….

Everyone’s my teacher. Everywhere I go, I’m a student. Everyone is in some way my informant, my revelator, my direction connection to the Divine Wow.

The animals, too: They are my confidants, my beloveds, my spirit guides.

And yes, the plants! My godparents, my role models, my advisers.

I vow to gleefully shut up and listen reverently on a regular basis.

Playful, mysterious intelligences surround me in every direction. I’m

(Yes, to you, too, wind and sun and sky and mountain and rivers and oceans and rocks: I greet you daily as my family members, my agent provocateurs, my fellow celebrants.)


# 5 And Abe on religions…..

Every religion on the planet, and there are so many more than you are even aware of, has the potential of absolute thriving. But when you think that you must prove that you have the only one that is right—and you use your condemnation to push against the others—your condemnation separates you from your own Connection that, before your condemnation, you were finding in your own religion.



Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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6 Replies to “Unexpected kindness, change, teachers, Derek Rydell, and Abe on religions”

  1. Hi Zirah :-) Thanks for the inspiration! :-) <3 I hope you have a great weekend as well. :-) I went to the fair on Wednesday morning. I stopped to take photos of the classic cars after looking at a stained glass window that I saw last time. A young boy and his Dad arrived while I was taking photos. The boy was probably in the 1st or 2nd grade. They have school in the country school in the morning and maybe he was signed up for that. The school was right next to where the cars were parked and it was early. I noticed the boy watching me. :-) I kept on taking photos until I was ready to leave. As I passed him and his Dad, I met his eyes, smiled, and said…. "it's a cool car, isn't it?" or something like that. I have forgotten exactly what I said. He hid behind his Dad's arm. :-) I could see that he was smiling at me, though, so I smiled back and went on my way. I felt like telling him that I know what it is like to be shy since I was very shy and quiet as a child and giving him the advice to do what he loves to do and find his confidence there. But, I kept those thoughts to myself. I met a shy teenager a little while later. She was holding her grandma's horse. I was walking around taking photos. I smiled the first time I walked by and she didn't. When I was walking back the other way, I smiled again and said hello and she smiled back. Smiles are little rays of sunshine. :-)

    1. Great smile stories! And what’s nice is after taking Duality there are things we can offer (grounding, permission rose, energy ball)that might be helpful to shy people w/out even saying a word.

      1. It is really nice that there are ways to offer help. :-) I grounded the fair grounds when I was drinking my tea at home before I left and offered a few silent grounding cords when I was there. :-) It was really busy. Crowds are not my natural environment, but I do much better with them now that I know how to manage my energy and can make use of the permission roses. :-) Speaking of smiles, I meant to mention before that one of my current daily doses of happy is the webcam video of the sled dog puppies at Denali National Park. I don’t know if links are okay to put in comments. If you search for them, the link shows up in google. They are still wobbly on their feet. I watched them before I went to bed last night and it was a good bedtime story. :-)

      2. I’m not much for crowds myself, but Duality has helped and I’m better at remembering to “pre-pave” w/ grounding, roses, etc than thinking of them once I’m there, but am practicing being more adept “in the moment,” too. And the puppies sound great….I will google, but if you don’t mind placing a link here, that would be great.

      3. Thanks. I found it via google and got the same message as far as having camera problems, so will have to check back tomorrow. :-)

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