Choose your thoughts, world meditation, time change & health resources, quitter, and quotes




# 1 – Good reminder….


# 2 – With all the fear and anxiety this particular presidential election has caused/is causing, some of you may be guided to be part of this event to help shift the energies….

Lifting the US Election ~ WORLD MEDITATION

Sunday, November 6, 2016
7:00 p.m. New York Time

Please join us for this powerful opportunity to add to the Light of the elections in the United States of America . You are powerful beyond your knowing.

# 3 – Check out the latest at Self-help Health for ways to deal with the winter blues and time change, plus a number of free alternative health resources….


# 4 – Maybe being a quitter is sometimes a good thing. :-)


# 5 – Hmm, I don’t remember seeing this before. Seriously though, a good reminder…….

The more you say “I don’t remember,” the more you cannot remember. You cannot find something that’s “lost”. When you’ve decided that it’s lost, when it’s lost to you, it is lost. The Universe could not possibly show it to you. –Abraham

And a good one from a book by Gregg Braden….

“At this time, fear is the single pattern of interference known to prevent whole earth heart brain cell resonance. Stated another way, fear is the emotion that keeps you separate from your world, from those that you love, from feeling good about yourself, from creation and ultimately, your creator…..fear, without the judgment of the ‘goodness’ or ‘badness’ of fear, simply represents a quality of thought and emotion that discourages our relationship to creation.”—Walking Between the Worlds



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2 Replies to “Choose your thoughts, world meditation, time change & health resources, quitter, and quotes”

  1. Good morning Zirah :-) Thanks for the inspiration! :-) <3 I hope you are resting peaceful and use the extra hour for relaxation. :-) I am getting ready to go outside and visit with the sunrise and any wildlife that wishes to be seen. I find it best to go out with no expectations or wishes. My plan is to photograph whatever leaves remain on the trees in the woods. It might turn out I find something else. :-) My addition to your list of things to quit would be "expectations." In the last year, I have been purposely letting go of expectations of all sorts. I find when I do this things go better and my awareness expands to include what I would have otherwise missed. It is interesting to me to see just how often I have expectations even when I know they act as a filter.

    1. Great comment and insights. Yes, I realize more and more how we have expectations, even when we don’t realize it, and how they get in the way of being truly open and receiving of what the Universe has for us in each moment. I guess for me one of the few expectations that might serve me would be that the Universe is always going to support me and my evolutionary process. :-) Have a great time enjoying your outing and whatever treasures and surprises come your way!

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