10 quotes, worry vacuum, progress, love story, and Abe




# 1 – Ten type-written quotes, thanks to a post on Oprah.com…..

See them all here: http://www.oprah.com/inspiration/Inspiring-Quotes-Written-on-Typewriters


# 2 – Here’s something that was featured in Brain Johnson’s Optimizer newsletter. Especially like the 3rd to the last sentence…..very good point to make….


“Researchers conducting the Zen meditation study wanted to know if meditation practice changed people’s ability to recover from the intrusion of a word that unexpectedly appeared on the computer screen, which would strongly suggest that meditation improved recovery from the distractions induced by spontaneous thought as well. After the interruptions, the experienced meditator’s brains did indeed return faster to a relaxed state than non-meditator’s brains. Intensive meditation practice seems to reduce the elaborative thinking that normally occurs when we evaluate a thought and meditators are able to clear their minds of distractions more quickly than those who don’t meditate.

Obviously, this type of thought control could be useful in dealing with worries that arise in stressful testing situations. Worries about screwing up often cause flubbed performances because they use up valuable working-memory resources that could otherwise be devoted to test taking. By training the brain to discard negative thoughts, you can thwart the negative effects of stress. Discarding these thoughts is not the same as trying to ignore them or dismiss or suppress them, which uses up working-memory. When a worrisome thought arises, you acknowledge it, name it (as if actually identifying it and writing it down), but then let go of it. You don’t attach any more brainpower to it.”

Sian Beilock
from Choke


#3 – Oh, this one about ACIM is a good one to ruminate on…..


# 4 – Wow, a great story…..short and sweet. If you are an animal lover you may need to have a hanky at the ready……



# 5 – And from Abe…..

You think that the goal is to be over there, and we say the goal is the journey over there; the goal is the fun you have along the way on your way to over there. — Abraham



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4 Replies to “10 quotes, worry vacuum, progress, love story, and Abe”

  1. Hi Zirah :-) Thank you for the inspiration and the kindness and the love that shines through it! :-) <3 I saw the story of the stork some place before. It is sweet. <3 I agree with the process of noticing fears, naming them, and then letting them go. It takes away the power of the fear as does not feeling like one should be ashamed for having it in the first place. I was thinking about the enjoying the journey business earlier today. :-) I sometimes find myself in the place of wishing I was already there. But, what is there? It is an imaginary idea I've created of happiness or joy or ability to function that is in the future and only in my imagination. Can I be sure it is where I need to go anyway? I've felt like I was mistaken before. :-) Went off on a learning adventure only to find I ended up in a place that didn't fit. These days, I pull myself back to the present and find something to be happy about today and ask what I can best do with this day. Sometimes, it is something fun like going out with the camera or working on photos. Other times, it is something not quite as fun like taking my blankets to the laundromat to wash them. The laundromat visit might not have been as much fun as watching the birds, but it is nice to have my blankets clean and ready for the cold when I will need them all. And going through my blankets and washing them, I sent out a thank you for each and every blanket. Some of the blankets have stories attached to them like the army blanket that belonged to my grandparents. Last night when I was folding clothes, I had a memory of my Gran's kitchen visit me. I could smell it and see it and feel it. I don't know what she used to clean her kitchen, but it always smelled so friendly. It wasn't a chemical clean smell. It was an … I'd like to sit down and have a cup of tea and lunch… kind of smell. I hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend. :-) <3

    1. Very insight-filled, heart-felt share. And wow, to have a blanket that belonged to your grandparents. How neat to have it evoke those memories. And the thing about going/doing “not so fun” things is we never know who we might meet or what might happen along the way…..sometimes something really exciting unexpectedly happens. :-)

      1. Exactly. :-) I don’t necessarily ask anymore… Does this make sense?…. when my intuition nudges me to do something. The rhyme and reason might not be apparent to my mind, but it’s there somewhere. :-) I love that I have their wool army blanket. It fits itself into the pile of blankets during the winter and makes me feel extra warm. :-) I also have some of my Gran’s kitchen towels which are in the drawer with all of the other ones including hand-me-downs from my Mom and my sister. It’s a family gathering in there! I like it that way. :-)

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