Kids in the news, dynamic duo, Rumi, Mother Nature, health news, and Abe on complaining


Have been extra busy lately with various projects, including getting a group going on Facebook dedicated to global meditations, so I haven’t had time to put a post together until now….




# 1 – Two heart-warming videos/stories, both involving kids….


# 2 – What an inspiring, dynamic duo



# 3 – Oh this image is so sweet. Mother Nature is just so wonderful and grand….

Image may contain: bird

(from The Rainforest Site)


# 4 – Some of the latest news at Self-help Health…..


# 5 – A lovely image and text….

Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, outdoor, water and nature

“The sun rises from the heart of the lover, filling the entire world with light.”~ Rumi
(image : jasna Matz)


# 6 – And a good reminder from Abe…..

Most people do not realize that as they continue to find things to complain about, they disallow their own physical well-being. Many do not realize that before they were complaining about an aching body or a chronic disease, they were complaining about many other things first. It does not matter if the object of your complaint is about someone you are angry with, behavior in others that you believe is wrong, or something wrong with your own physical body. Complaining is complaining, and it disallows improvement. — Abraham


Enjoy, and please join us tomorrow at 9 pm your local time, if you’d like to tap into the group energy for the global meditation focused on bringing more peace, harmony and coherence to the planet and her people!

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7 Replies to “Kids in the news, dynamic duo, Rumi, Mother Nature, health news, and Abe on complaining”

  1. Hi Zirah :-) Thank you for the inspiration! :-) <3 Reading your posts has a calming effect on me and I always end up smiling. :-) The video of Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama is priceless. Happy to see the stories about the children and to know the dog is better. Cute photo of the owls. :-) They have such interesting faces. I love the colors in the photo of the ship and the saying. I hope you have a happy and joyful week ahead. :-)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it all. I did, too, otherwise they wouldn’t have made the “list”. This is one where it would be hard for me to pick a favorite. I loved seeing Tutu and the Dalai Lama together… casual, like old friends, but so playful like they were kids in grade school…half expected them to say “hey, let’s go have fun out on the swing set.” :-) p. s. Wishing you a happy, joy-filled week, too!

      1. I noticed the playfulness as well. It was fun to watch. :-) Thank you for the happy wishes. :-) <3

  2. Forwarded the picture of the Owls to Cheryl’s computer. She loves them and has them everywere.what a classic image.😊

    Sent from my iPad


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