Sweet pic, Moby, silence, suffering, Rumi, 3 free health series, and Abe




#1 – A sweet one someone shared on my FB feed on Valentine’s Day….

Image may contain: cat

(image by Richard Austin)


# 2 – Here’s what I think is a great resource……

Free download of 4 hrs (11 tracks) worth of music and ambient sounds (no vocals or drums) created by the gifted artist Moby. He originally created the music for himself over several years and then recently decided to make it available to everyone. Great background music for yoga, meditation, sleep or whenever you want some soothing, healing vibes playing in your environment:


(If you want to listen to the whole 4 hours on YouTube and don’t mind a 14 second ad at the beginning, you can go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XThua40bAss)


# 3 – Ummm, yes, nothing like feeling so comfortable with yourself and someone else that there’s no need for words….

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# 4 – Oh, this will stimulate some brain cells….

“It may look as if the situation is creating the suffering, but ultimately this is not so – your resistance is.”— Eckhart Tolle


# 5 – Love this image and text….

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor and nature










“There is a window from one Heart to another Heart.” ~ Rumi
Image : V. Uthairam


# 6 – Three free alternative health series…..one on cleansing and detoxification, another on heart health, and the last one on acupressure…..



# 7 – Ah, the ole flawed premise catch-22. Another good one from Abe…..

Flawed Premises Can Attract True Unwanted Evidence... Flawed premises that you have picked up along your physical trail can fall by the wayside, one by one, and you can return to the understanding that is at the core of that which you are. (But in order to discover or understand a false or flawed premise, you have to stand back far enough and reconnect with who-you-really-are before you can see it.) If you were to hear a false premise again and again, until you yourself began to believe and repeat it, now your own activation of the contradictory Vibration would interfere with your own sense of intelligence, and you would begin to attract evidence of your lack of intelligence, in effect proving the false premise to be true. And so, it becomes increasingly hard for you to call this a “false” premise when the evidence seems to be telling you that it is true, for over time you come to believe it is true. Abraham


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2 Replies to “Sweet pic, Moby, silence, suffering, Rumi, 3 free health series, and Abe”

  1. Hi Zirah :-) Thanks for the early Sunday morning inspiriation! :-) The photo at the top is so cute :-) The photo of the lady and the elephant is sweet like the wisdom with it. I will look into the music later when I am more awake. It is odd, but I often find music made for meditation a distraction. Some of it I like to listen to other times. It seems like meditations work best for me if they are guided ones. I’ve made up some of my own from the ones in Duality plus my imagination. I haven’t recorded myself, but I talk or think through them. Or, it is a silent one of putting my hands on my heart and being still or imagining golden light in my space and being still. The other day when I was going around doing stuff and thinking about some other topic entirely, a thought came into my head. In my experience, …. understanding is trying to fit an event or a set of events into a story. The story the mind comes up with may or may not be truth or even have anything to do with truth. What I’m seeking is the knowing that comes from my spirit which has access to more of what is what than my mind can hope to figure out or take in. This is part of why I decided gradually over the course of the last year to stop trying to Understand things. :-) I’m not going anywhere with all this thinking and figuring. Creating stories, sure. Some of them fun. Others not so fun. But understanding? Nope. There are only a few things I feel that I Know. One of them is that the truth of the spirit is love and joy. It was love and joy before my body was born. It will be there after my body is done. It is still at this moment love and joy. The pain, confusion, fear, and fog are temporary creations of stories. They have no lasting truth. Seeking to understand them only keeps them around. My mind hasn’t sufficient information or brain cells to fully see or comprehend the bigger picture. It can’t put the experiences in a larger context that would facilitate true understanding. Now I go with what feels true to my spirit and tell my mind to stop fretting about the details it doesn’t understand. The funny thing is that I realize now that I have always know what was true to my spirit. The feeling is an old one. Has been there as long as I remember. I only spent vast stretches of time not listening to it because the mind with its stories was off in a different direction. I hope you have a fun and joy-filled week. :-) <3

    1. Very insight-filled comment. I think that’s one thing that was good about Duality…..making people aware of how the analyzer/mental body usually runs the show and often leads things amuck. Turn down “the head” and listen more to the heart/spirit and you can’t go wrong. p.s. I’m usually not one for meditation music or guided meditations, but I have been using the Moby tracks and another great find I will post about for background music to set the energy/tone in my personal and work space. W/ all the various forces at play right now in the world, I like having some high frequency vibes in the air. :-) <3

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