Happy Spring 2017!


Today’s Pick:

Here’s wishing you all a great spring with some words of wisdom and inspiration from Tama Kieves……


You are not stuck. It is not possible.





You are not your story. You are molecules of wonder.  You are potent with Love and Love is never stagnant or unresponsive.  

This is what I can tell you as a coach. It’s people who feel stuck that grow the most. It’s people who feel pain that are about to break open into wild freedom.

Stuck is another name for expansion knocking on the door.  

As Spring approaches, the tulips are pushing up against the dirt, yearning to express. Growth is in process. So, it is with you. You’re already in process.

A Course in Miracles teaches “You need do nothing.” This doesn’t mean we guzzle gin martinis and wait to win the lottery or for world hunger to heal itself. It doesn’t mean we fall asleep at the wheel. It means we don’t fall asleep at the wheel of habitual fear-driven effort. We pay attention to radiant instincts, instead of acting inefficiently.

 You do not have to push yourself to find your path.

The instinct within you will push you. The yearning will direct you. Love is active and alive. You can’t even help it. It’s your nature, your true nature. I suggest you ease up on your ambition, the trigger-happy self that is so afraid to trust a process. You are already in a brilliant process. It may be gradual. Inspired expression occurs in incremental breakthroughs.

The tulip grows in its own season. It is not stuck in the dirt. It is nurtured and protected by the soil.  Please trust where you are.

Pay attention to your instincts instead of to your fear.

You will reach your sunlight.

Here’s to New Beginnings and Springing Forward dearest ones,

Tama Kieves



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2 Replies to “Happy Spring 2017!”

  1. Hi Zirah :-) That was a beautiful essay to read on the first day of spring! Thank you. :-) Happy Spring to you!! :-) <3 I think the first day of spring should be a holiday. :-) I was out watching and listening to the birds this morning. I could have stayed out all day. :-) The birds were far too busy to pause to let me take more than a few photos. I was happy to see them active and singing and going about their spring activities. I saw and heard cardinals, song sparrows, meadowlarks, red-winged blackbirds, and robins. I heard a Baltimore oriole a couple of times, but didn't see where he was before he flew off. There is just a hint of green in the grass. The buds on the trees are still tightly closed. This is good for them. It is a bit early to be too quick to grow. There was some really cold weather in the beginning of March and there still might be more. The air smells like spring, though, and I picked up energy from the birds and the fresh air. :-)

    1. Love the idea of the first day of spring being a holiday! I say YES, please! :-) And those tightly closed buds are pretty smart. Some of the ones here that were anxious to get spring on the road have been done in by freezing temps and we are still in the middle of very changeable weather patterns. Am hoping the redbuds, which are my favorite part of spring, will be able to make it thru okay. <3

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