Thought first, doggie housing :-), 528 Hz track, derailment, good advice




# 1 – A good reminder I got recently in my inbox from Notes from the Universe…..

In the jungles of time and space, it’s wise to remember that the best hope one has for thriving among the seen, the known, and the manifested, comes from playing off the unseen, the unknown, and the not yet manifested.

Whatever you want, Zirah, go there in thought first, and go there often.

The Universe

p. s. Zirah, you are pure spirit, and spirit is pure source.


# 2 – Something for you animal lovers sure to make you smile….



# 3 – A good technique to develop for living in the now and also realizing when you’ve been “derailed” from your inner peace…..


# 4 – Good advice!


# 5 – From Rob Brezsny’s newsletter…..


Tending to my sanity and being in compassionate service to the world require me to be in a chronic state of rebellion.

But here’s an important caveat: While the rebellion can and should be partially fueled by anger at the consensual mass hallucination that’s mistakenly referred to as “reality,” it must be primarily motivated by love and joy and the desire to bestow blessings.

A healthy proportion, at least for me, seems to be 15% rage, indignation, and complaint, and 85% compassion, celebration, and lust for life.


# 6 – Check out the latest post at Self-help Health for a free quiz and enlightening report on your health type, a list of natural appetite suppressants and some healthy dessert recipes:

And then check out my “What’s New” page for information on 3 upcoming free events/series, specials, and other great resources:


# 7 – In a previous post I mentioned what I thought was a great musical resource. ….4 hrs of free ambient sounds/music by Moby. Here’s what I think is another great find….wonderful to play in the background to set the energy for your home or work environment, or during meditation. It’s an 8 hr long track using the 528 Hz solfeggio tone, known as The Miracle Tone and Love Frequency….



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2 Replies to “Thought first, doggie housing :-), 528 Hz track, derailment, good advice”

  1. Hi Zirah :-) Thanks for the Sunday inspiration! :-) <3 It was a peaceful way to spend my lunchtime. Love the story about the place for the dogs. It looks like a fun place for dogs and people who love dogs. :-) I bookmarked the You Tube video of the music and went back and found the other one you mentioned that I forgot to bookmark at the time. I listened to them a little. It is an interesting sound. I haven't tried listening while I work yet, but maybe I will this afternoon. I am putting together a post of something fun I saw yesterday. I will leave it as a surprise. :-) It has been raining a lot here which is good for the plants. I see in my imagination all the roots soaking up the water. I am looking forward to the burst of grown that will be here soon. I have been making a point to mediate when I first wake up in the morning after making myself a cup of fennel, regular tea, or plain hot water. I sit up and bed and lead myself through a meditation I made up from bits and pieces plus imagination. When I do this, the day goes much better. I am also getting better at sensing what is inspiration and being quiet enough to hear it. When I feel something come up during the day, I look inside to see the golden light, expand it out into my space, and ask that it dissolve any fear, pain, doubt, or anxiety. If I can tell where in my body the tension is most acute, I focus the golden light on that spot. I am going through a phase (which might be more than a phase :-) ) of thinking that the less I "think" the better. All kinds of ideas have been showing up. Pretty intriguing. I hope you have a successful and joy-filled week. :-) <3

    1. Great comment. And, yes, I think (oops!) less thinking and doing and more being, sensing and listening to/for what inspires us is where it’s at. Of course, easier said than done much of the time. :-)

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